Google never favours those accounts whose work is against the policy of Google and algorithm. If you did something against the policy of Google, then it will suspend your account for violating the term. Even if you never did it intentionally, they will still suspend because they know people trust them a lot and countless activities in the world are depending on the server of Google. You should have a Google business account on Google Maps as it is greatly beneficial.

What to Do When Google Suspends Your Business Account

With the help of Google my business, you can grow your business. But if your account suspends, then you can face lots of issues as well. Google never tells the person why their account is suspended, and they always show they suspended due to quality issues. There are several things that you need to know if your account is suspended by Google.

Google My Business Soft Suspension and Hard Suspension

Soft suspension and hard suspension both are very different from each other but happen for the same reason; violating the policy. If your account is soft suspended, then you will not be able to change the details on Google. All the things that are available will remain there and can be searched on the Google Map and search bar. However, if your account is hard suspended, then your every detail will be removed from Google, and there is nothing you can do about it once it is removed. Hard suspension happens from major things, to save from this kind of suspension, you need to know some details.

Save Yourself from Getting Suspended

1. No Fake GMB Reviews In Any Way

Google changes the server for finding and catching those accounts who put fake reviews for any business. Recently they also made clear that fake reviews are now an illegal thing, and they will suspend all those kinds of the account who do these kinds of illegal work. Google has data of every user, and it is simply impossible to get away from the hands of Google. So always be genuine and keep positive reviews so your business could grow in a better way.

2. Two Business Address Can’t Be At Single Location

It is true that Google allows two businesses on the same address, but they should be in a different apartment, even if that is small. However, if you are the one owner and have two businesses on the same address and every same detail, then Google cannot allow it to you as per their policy.

3. Your Address On Website And On The Business Account Should Be Same

Details should be proper and exact that is proved on the GMB. Same details provided on a Business license should be on the Google server of business if you don’t want to suspend your account. Your address on a business account and domain should be the same.

4. List Your Phone Number And Address At Online Citation Same As GMB

Google is always updated, and when you provide the address and phone number, it verifies the details first. If there any kind of wrong information find out by Google, then they will mark flag on you and might do soft suspend your account.

5. Try Not To Change Unnecessary Things On GMB Profile Details

If you want your account to be safe from getting suspended, then you don’t need to add unnecessary things. Apart from this, you can’t modify the details of other things on a daily basis, and it can put you in trouble. Keep your information genuine and keep it for a long time without changing.

6. Never Use URL of Any Other Business on Your Account Profile

Meaning of using any other business URL is that you can’t put any other business link on your GMC profile.  Google verify the link that you provide in the details and clarifies the email address of both the website and business profile. If that doesn’t match, then you can face trouble. Even if your business is on rental location, still Google doesn’t allow that.

7. Never Use Unwanted Keyword for Business Name

if you want your business to grow bigger and better, then you need to give proper and right details so it can ranks up your business profile. If you put any unwanted name that doesn’t belong to your business from anyway, then your account will be suspended surely.

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