Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is full of numerous techniques and abilities that Geralt use in The Continent.  Among several types of abilities, Alchemy is certainly among the best of them. Alchemy can be used in several things just like, healing, bombs, weapons and many more things. From any other adventure and magic game, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is much more unique and better. In order to complete the game, you need to know about most of the alchemy techniques, and while travelling through the continent, it will be much useful.

Guide to Alchemy at The Continent

Alchemy is not about merely making things from the magic, and Geralt efficiently showcases it. Geralt can make anything from his own alchemy inventory any side of the continent. However, for crafting, he requires to move to the particular Blacksmith/Armorer for making a particular piece. To be the master of the continent, you need to take your alchemy skills to the next levels and here are some guidelines to do it.

Alchemy Crafting 101 in Witcher 3

Numerous things depend on alchemy within the game, and luckily it’s not that hard to learn it in Witcher 3. Recipes matter a lot, and it can be obtained from quests, chests and many more basic methods. After getting the recipe, Geralt will put it in the inventory within the main menu of the game next to Glossary. On the alchemy screen, the recipe will be at the centre of the display while the item description will be on the right side. After getting those crafting items, Geralt will no longer depend on the Blacksmith/Armorers.

Alchemy Material in Witcher 3

Geralt just require the particular material for creating the provided recipe and procedure of creating is similar to the crafting. Every material is unique and presented in the box and also it is an inside box. If you see closely then left number is the full amount of material Geralt and it is the exact number required to craft. Sometimes a piece gets miss, and in that case, you can pin material to make things simple to search for the vendors.

Use of Alchemy in Witcher 3

Alchemy is useful and major part of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and in numerous place of the game, it gets in use. You need to find the items of alchemy, and it can be added with the items in the game menu.

Alchemy Substance – Several ingredients are used for making powerful alchemy recipes.

Alcohol – Geralt performs meditation and at that moment, the usage of bombs, destroying monster hives and potion increases.

Bombs – In order to deal a high amount of damage, bombs are extremely helpful. Bombs can also destroy the hives of the monsters, and those affect matters on what kind of bomb is being used.

Potions – With the help of potions, Geralt can heal himself, with time and scale restrictions of course. It can help him to see in a dark environment, increases his senses and visions.

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