Although the game doesn’t need any source to advertise itself, Rockstar Games are still pretty keen on raising standards of GTA. If you are one of those rare users who are not aware of the GTA world, then you can play it online. Rockstar Games has created an online version a few years back. Thus we have brought this article to facilitates you with all the essential information about GTA Online alongside a guide to enhance the favor. The game is full of lots of intriguing aspects, and the objective signifies the fun in infamy life. If you are one of them who would like to witness something beyond that, then this game is for you.

GTA Online Guide to getting Vehicles, Cash and Property

1.  Complete an Online Tutorial:

In GTA Online, players will initially need to finish the tutorial sections that are accessible any time after finishing the Prologue of the main single-player mode. Before starting into the game, you will need to meet some old faces and learn the ropes. To use it, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • First and foremost, pres and hold down to the D-pad.
  • With this, the character section wheel will show up on your screen.
  • After that, move to the bottom segments that simply shows your in-game character.
  • Now, pause the game.
  • Choose the Online menu icon.
  • Find your to the Play GTA online button.
  • Wait for a while until the character creators screen pops up.
  • At last, you can easily define your characteristics and appearance.

2.  Purchase a garage and a decent car:

To buy one of the in-game best sports cars, you will just need to register for Rockstar’s social club. Once done, gamers can easily access the two-door sports car that resembles the Nissan GT-R. Besides that, to keep your car safe and secure, make sure to invest some amount in the garage. It will only cost you 25,000$ and get a 124 unit garage on Popular St.

3.  Always Cashing in at ATMs:

In the game, one of the dangerous places is an online Los Santos. Any cash or amount you are carrying can be stolen by other gamers instantly. So, it is better to cash your daily in-game earning into an ATM as there are plenty of cash machines present near Blaine County. A gamer can also utilize the Quick GPS option present on the Interaction Menu that will help to find the nearest one conveniently.

4.  Save Money to Purchase an Underground Facility:

In order to take part in the Doomsday Heist, gamers will need a bigger underground facility to complete their challenges. Such massive bunkers can fulfill several robbery missions that will help to become the CEO of a certain MNC. Make sure to get one and use your criminal mastermind to avail other luxuries through Doomsday Heist easily.

5.  Steal a Chopper:

In the game, one of the sizable pieces of real estate is the Blaine County and getting a chopper will help to save lots of your time. You can conveniently steal one of the helicopters from the Elitas Travel or at Los Santos International Airport around the flight school. After getting one, you will able to access skyward crime and earn rewards accordingly.

6.  Complete Weekly Events:

GTA Online offers lots of weekly events that provide gamers with double cash and double RP as in reward. So, keep an eye on the Rockstar’s newswire to know the latest event and participate in them. Also, you will get news on weekly discount offers on properties and cars, which one can buy to access further missions.

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