In Fortnite game, this extra set of missions is based on roaming around particular locations, attaining your boogie on, and bouncing on things over a distance.  To enjoy these challenges, gamers will be required to reached Battle Pass tier 50 and unlock accordingly. Here is the full breakdown of Fortnite Scratch vs. 8-Ball Challenges that you need to win and unlock Gold style outfit as a reward.

Fortnite Guide for Scratch vs. 8-Ball Challenges

Get Bronze Combat Medals by attaining Eliminations in a match:

Gamers will earn a Bronze combat medal by accomplishing a couple of games. Most importantly, you can use Team Rumble mode to get eliminations without making too much effort in a match.

Ring the doorbell of a residence with an enemy inside in different matches:

Players will locate doorbells by the front door of several homes in built-up areas, whereas waiting for a foe to be inside could prove challenging. In case, a Team Rumble combat is centered around lots of buildings, then wait for the enemy to enter. After that, find your way to the specific house and hit the doorbell.

Dance at Beach Bus, Rainbow Rentals, and Lake Canoe:

Ensure that to fire off your dance emote on every Fortnite locations such as Beach bus, Lake Canoe, and Rainbow Rentals.

Swim at different No Swimming Signs:

Gamers can spot no swimming signs on several locations where water drops off, like a waterfall or dam. Various beaches have also been designated but not for swimming.

Deal Damage with a Harpoon Gun to Enemy:

As we know, the harpoon gun does not do an enormous amount of damage to the enemy as the primary us usage is to pull them near you. So, be ready to land numerous shots with this gun to reach the total.

Attain Shields or Health in a Bush:

The simple way to gain shields and health is to find your way to any significant size bushes that you can use hide within.

Look for the hidden gnome located in between a big house, Fancy view and a wooden shack:

In the game, players will identify Fancy view in one of the Fortnite landmarks, in the south of Sweaty Sands on the west coast. From there, navigate to the southeast, and users will find the hidden gnome on your way to the big house.

Bounce on bouncy things in various matches:

There is a number of bouncy things users will find during combat, which involves stacks of parasol umbrellas and types. So, it should not be hard to bounce on these objects in three various matches. In any case, you find it hard to complete the challenge, then head straight to the Sweaty Sands beach. On such a location, you will find plenty of parasols waiting to be bounced on.

Visit Mountain Base Camp:

In Fortnite game, there are three mountain base camp present and can be found on the southeast of the island. All you need to do is visit them in order to accomplish the challenge conveniently. Mountain base camps are: Base camp golf is one Mount Kay, Base camp foxtrot is on mount F8, and the base camp hotel is on Mountain H7.

Travel 100 Meters while Dancing:

To accomplish the challenge, players will need to equip a  traversal sort of dancing emote, description in your locker, and denoted by an icon. After activating it, you are required to travel 100 meters.

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