Most BMW owners would prefer to maintain the interiors of their car as luxurious as affordable for them. It is a pride to own a BMW itself and hence they would not want to lose the pride by having a shabby or a old company made interior for many years. BMW has a great design and paints that can last long. So there is no need to worry about repainting your car or changing the accessories to make it look new. Various accessories like alarm systems, fog lamps, spoilers and rims are available both at factory outlets and from certain other producers.

Window tints

One such accessory which is in huge demand is the window tint. Window tint not only adds up to the design aspect of your car, it also gives you protection from the sun. Window tints come in various shades and varying darkness. The darker the window tint is, the more hidden the interiors of the car. Window tints are used in windshields, sunroofs and windows and uniform shades are available for all parts. A new BMW will not come with any window tint as the company would concentrate more on the shining aspect of the window and body.

Why is window tinting essential?

Window tints have heat rejection films to reduce the amount of harmful radiation from entering through the window. There are two ways of applying the tint. In summer, when the tint is pasted on the outer walls, it prevents the external heat from entering into the car. While in winter, the tint is applied on the inner surface and it prevents the heat from escaping out and hence keeps the interior warm.

There are 6 major reasons for which you must opt for window tinting.

• To keep the interiors of your car cooler during summer

• To protect your skin from the harmful radiations that can easily pass through the transparent glass

• To maintain privacy and comfort

• To protect the interior leather and plastic parts from sunlight

• To prevent the glass piece from shattering after an accident

• To prevent dangerous glare and helps you stay focused on driving

Features of window tints

Each tint consists of several layers of thin films and each film has its own use. There is a layer of the hard adhesive scratch resistant film followed by UV blockers. One side is coated with water activated adhesive for reducing pressure. All these films together constitute to the tinted look of your windows.

Window tinting costs ranging from $100 to $400. This indicates there are various types of tinting and various shops that offer tinting for your car. Choose the shop and type of your window tint wisely as window tinting is mostly a permanent process. Removing tints may remove the new shiny looks of your windows. Choose the shade which will best suit the color of your car. A well-established shop will have various shades and ideas to offer and they will suggest much cooler designs that will impress you.

Darker shades of window tint are illegal in most countries. Shades up to 35% are pretty much legal in all states in the US. There are many points to be considered while applying your window tint. So it is much better to go to an established shop for tinting as they would strictly follow these procedures. Window tinting for your BMW is available for net order at various sites and they offer best deals. So it is a good deal to tint your BMW windows and add up to its cozy look and stay cooler inside.