This is a tough question to answer—

Could be Indy 1989, where I was adopted by NER (who later became our Sister Region) as they understood my rally interest. My first. Invention and I learned many didn’t care for rally as their first SCCA sanctioned sport...say what? Saw Kevin Clemens there, met Tim Marks of Blackhawk Region who came to Alaska for Fire Rescue School with Judy, Barb and Dave. The New England Clan was great. 


Or maybe Baltimore where we met more folk as Bohall’s and Maxim joined Bill and I?We made SCCA Arctic Alaska Region pins in the room that peeps clamored for! Anyone recall the Baltimore National Aquarium evening? Bus trip around city; meeting Marge Binks?


Milwaukee and cooking class? Hiking to a fry on Friday evening? Close to family so we sneaked in a visit. Sadness of a funeral. First year to have the US Road Rally Challenge and excitement. 


Boston and colder than cold weather! Doctor called to hotel. Our 50th and showing the “one and only” shirt, and by the time we got home, the PO Box was stuffed with envelopes and Region logos to digitize. Is this where we had a cruise boat theme? Pattulo and Howe leading us to a restaurant the wrong way and through a red-light district!


The Convention that Mario Andretti was at? Well, under the stage? Roger Johnson certainly had antics! Or when Al Unser was on the phone and his larger than life poster was peeling off the wall! geez, I must pull these old videos and photos to light!!!


And the guest speakers and Hall of Fame Inductees throughout the years — the Legends and friends and unknowns. serving on the Hall of Fame Committee was some of THE BEST work of membership time in SCCA. And the Wolff Barnato Award? I love listening to “the facts” and knowing who it is before others and the name announced. Filming some at our table who “when I knew” and their reactions. Having Bireta honored and surprised, and hearing Mike Thompson’s surprise for Road Rally honors. The shock of being honored myself and having Roger Johnson day, “you got to go up there” as many were clapping and happy faces as I went to the stage!


Phoenix Convention and hubby could not make it, so my Dad “has to go” to Bondurant in his place. Awesome for Dad and I!! And finding my Dad and Carl Haas sitting out alone on a Terrace at the hotel talking and laughing like old friends—talking about the Milwaukee Mile and life. They did not know each other. Dad later said “he is just a regular guy, don’t think he is used to just visiting and folks not asking for something.”


Faves have to be the two San Antonio Conventions from hosts, fellow Region members who travelled, eggs on heads, pepper eating contest, RIVER WALK, having the FBI follow us around the SAT Zoo, old 24 hour restaurant on Commerce(?). 


Atlanta and walking into the dark, smoked filled room, with a bunch of “old men” and the line “Well little lady what can we do for you?” As I was following up on a Race Tack Development meeting! Their solution was to go home, tell the little car club the SCCA was in town and racing was about to change. Wonder how the town would EVER be ready for the Olympics and members going to a Waffle House—just cause! Oh! And the top floor of an unfinished tall building—anyone else recall that and why!?


Or San Diego and singing YMCA at Sea World? Great resort for lodging and sharing the SCCA family with a new Road Rally Steward in Gail Engblom. 


Denver? ooooh, is that where Howard Duncan invited me to join a group Of “Solo” peeps going to dinner and a comedy club? I remember Ann Klem and I waiting in the Lobby trying to decide why we were included and what was going to happen to us. One of the best damn evenings of laughter and fun. And the race car skit at the club—wish we had it filmed. Great laughter at “did it hurt” by only Ann and I in the room at one point and having to share the joke with all in the group!


There was a Bucca Di Peppo? Met Boreen’s and Pulliam’s along the way at such dinners. 


Oh, Kansas City at the Crowne! The Union Station evenings with everyone and that great steak house out and down the hill visiting with John Forespring. Dining with Al and Kim and something that happened at our table that still rings laughter when talked of now. 


Vegas. Being able to introduce folk to Corey Munk, our youngest RE at 26yo, who started off believing folks were to be in a Region for #funwithcars and being recognized on Sat eve by Noble. Treks down to Strip. Learning that SCCA BOD really do take your suggestions seriously and seeing things “happen”!


Odd, isn’t it!?  The memories are of people and social activities, some who are now gone yet that came to mind as I wrote above. The adventures and social time come through, although I know I have left each Convention with confirmation of matters known, new ideas to carry home as RE for “all” members, program ideas for RallyCross, Solo and RoadRally as Joe Member, and pride that I was an SCCA Member and supporter!