USRRC 2017 Goes North to Alaska

Are you ready to join the North to Alaska Road Rally Teams and take on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula? Come Join Us — Alaska, Adventure and the Camaraderie only found amongst Road Rally Teams !

The dates of the 2017 United States Road Rally Challenge will be September 15-17th, yet we encourage Rallyists to take extra days to enjoy Alaska as well! 

Join our USRRC17 eNews list by sending an email today to with your interest and questions about the event, and you'll be included in future mailings.

The Rallymaster is busy working on details — Lodging in Seward and Homer. Sanctioning with SCCA. Draft Generals to our RRB's Liaison. Free ticket and one free bag with Alaska Airlines for those teams interested in saving money! Putting in an order for sunshine and blue skies. Getting confirmation from her SCCA family that they would love to run USRRC17, yet hearing, "I know you'll need dedicated workers, and I'd love to run, yet I am prepared to be a worker for the event if need!" 

Send your email to be added to the growing USRRC17 eNews list, mark your calendars for September 15-17th, 2017. We'll see you in New England for USRRC16 —the 50th running of Ted Goddard's Covered Bridge and John Buffman's Course Rally over the November 4-6th, 2016 Weekend!