Greetings fellow SCCA Members

And they said it would not last! We didn't know when we started this adventure where it would take us, yet we have been producing the Road Rally eNews for over thirty-months! 

It is not without the support of fellow Road Rally enthusiasts who believe in our beloved sport and have written articles for their events (pre and post), columns of My First Road Rally, how-tos and new rally equipment reviews. Two National office staff who believe in us and support via articles – thank yous to Deena Rowland and Howard Duncanand members of the Road Rally Board — Rich Bireta, Jeanne English, and Chuck Hanson — have chosen to support our efforts. David Head, has been faithful to write pieces from the National Road Rally community of events too!

The publication's intent is to build a community of our Road Rally passion in North America — not just for SCCA Members, although much news is from our SCCA-sanctioned events. Please, give us a look and we'll see you down the road!

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