How to: Register for Solo Nationals
  • Login to your account
    • If you have not done this before, use your email address (in lieu of your member number) that you receive messages from SCCA on and the password you use to log in to the previous SCCA site.
  • Click on “Solo Nationals Registration” in the main menu
  • On the Solo Nationals event page click on the register button
  • The member profile information should be prepopulated based off of your membership information.
  • Select the class you will be competing in
  • If you will have a co-driver in your class select that person. A co-driver is someone driving in the same class as you. Do not select a co-driver if the other driver is in a different class (i.e. ES and ESL). Note: selecting a co-driver will lock in the corresponding number (i.e. 98 and 198).
  • Click on add vehicle to add a car to your profile.
    • The title of the vehicle is what you want to call it.
    • The sponsor area is limited to 35 characters.
  • Check over pre-populated information to make sure it is correct.
  • Select preferred work assignment
  • If you are camping overnight please select yes. There will be a $50 fee for this to pay for the overnight camping.
  • Click on continue registration
  • You are now in your shopping cart.
    • Please review to make sure the total is correct.
    • If you are adding another registration, click the “Add Another Registration” button in the upper-left corner.
    • If you have been given a coupon code this is where you will apply it.
  • Click Checkout, submit your payment information and wait for confirmation.
  • You are now registered for Nationals. See you in Lincoln!
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