How to: Your Volunteer Participation Records

The new website is well, new, and that means that things aren’t where you have always found them. We know that can be pretty intimidating, so we’re helping out. This is part of a series of blog posts designed to help members find their way on the new

To find your volunteer participation records, you must be logged in. Click on your name in the upper right corner. The first option on the menu is profile page. On your profile page, you will find personalized information catered to your SCCA experience.

For this action, you need to look on the left side, under SCCA Membership.  Click on Volunteer Participation and you are directed to a list of past events worked.  Your events should all be listed and on the right side, you are given the option to Add Volunteer Participation on the right.  Once you reach that page, select the date of the event you worked, then choose the individual event from the Event dropdown.  This will display events five days previous and five day beyond the date you entered.  The name will be shown exactly as is on the Events page.  Complete the rest of the form with the days and specialty worked.  Once you click the “Add Volunteer Participation” button, you will be directed back to your participation page and the new event should be listed.

Any more questions about this topic? Simply leave a comment and somebody will help you find what you’re looking for.

  • Joyce P Bakels

    1.  This flagger is at the bottom of the HOME page.  It would be nice if it had a label of some kind to direct any specialty worker that there is information available for them.


    2.  The instructions are to enter the event by date.  This past weekend at Roebling was not listed by date.  I had to find it by listing the track.  By the way, this was a MAJORS event.  It should have been listed the way we have been instructed for years.

  • Michael E Moscati

    Problem is that the only events in my family record is thru 2014. Where are the last 2 years worth and the ones from this year?

  • T.Miles

    Not seeing the "Volunteer Participation" listed under "Memberships". Is this a feature that only works on non-mobile devices?

  • Gary Corsiglia

    "The name will be shown exactly as is on the Events page."


    That's the problem in finding the event.  There is no consistency in the names.  Some list the region first, some the track name, some the event.  So finding a specific event is a pain.  You need to provide a set format for the event titles.  Region name, track name, event name.  Then the listing can be arranged alphabetically so its easy to find the event we worked.

    • Andrea Albin

      Gary, we are working on an addition to the system that will give the event location (i.e. track or facility) in the event description. This is a work in progress.  The challenge comes from the fact that we use the event name exactly how it is provided to the national office in the sanction requests. Each region uses a different naming system, but they are almost universally vague.  Please be patient as we continue to improve the new website and expand its capabilities.  Thank you!

  • Robert Brookfield

    Does this mean National will no longer include the Club Racing Volunteer Incentive Program forms when the send out our renewal forms?  That is all I need to track events for my wife and myself.