Engine blew on my 1988 Mazda 323 GTX.  I have an extra engine, but wondering if anyone out there has a direction to find a transmission?  Or another car? 

maitri s.

Great info. Thanks Nice Very inspirational that you are following your dreams Max.

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Rick Albrechtson

I have a transmission with a bad output shaft on the transfer carrier.  When it was in the car I bought, the car ran fine in 2WD.  If your transfer carrier is OK, I imagine you could make a swap.  Shipping from 54601

Dillon J Dunphy

Rick - do you have any contact info so that I can talk to you about that transmission?

Rick Albrechtson

You can reach me at lucysnumber1@hotmail.com

(608) 790-6494

or N 2841 County Road FA, La Crosse, WI 54601

Miles E.

Hey Dillon, I have 2 323 GTX, 1 parts car, 1 runner, both have good trannys. I'm in Colorado and would like to sell one or both to someone who knows what they are.