How to: Adding Vehicles to Your Profile

The new website is well, new, and that means that things aren’t where you have always found them. We know that can be pretty intimidating, so we’re helping out. This is part of a series of blog posts designed to help members find their way on the new

We know that the new registration system is very different than what most competitors are used to. The good news is that most of the problems reported have been related to adding vehicles and reserving numbers. Why is this good news? Once you have entered this information once, that vehicle and number will be remembered by the system. So, future registrations will be faster, smoother, and much easier.

To add a vehicle, start on your profile page. To the right under your name, click “Vehicles.” On the right side of the new page, click on “Add Vehicle.” In the form, give your car a name that will help you distinguish and identify it, add an image if you’d like, and then use the Make / Model search menu to find your vehicle (the menus can be sensitive to capitalization, so make sure you’re capitalizing appropriately). If it is a custom build or non-production vehicle, enter the year, make, and model next to “Custom Model.” Next, you can describe any additional information that may be relevant to a future registration. If you’d like this to be the featured vehicle on your Profile Page, check “Featured.” Finally, enter the tires you run and any sponsors in the appropriate fields and hit “Add Vehicle.”

This vehicle is ready to be used in a future registrations.

Any more questions about this topic? Simply leave a comment and somebody will help you find what you’re looking for.