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    Vì sao nam giới cần phải khám nam khoa?

    Việc nam nhi khám nam khoa theo chu kỳ nhiều hơn chính là 1 phương pháp kiểm soát an ninh toàn diện cho tình trạng sức khỏe bản thân & sự sung sướng mái ấm gia đình. phái mạnh thường tập dượt thể dục mang đồng đội hoặc...Read more
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    Logo for Ncomsetup.uk

    Norton provides various features like internet security, webcam security, and various other features. . It can also assist you with minimizing the risk of cyber attack and encourages you to be careful your PC information. The...Read more
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    Những nguyên nhân chính gây đau vùng chậu ở nam giới

    Nhiễm trùng đường tiết niệu nếu như khách hàng đi đái liên tiếp hoặc cảm thấy đau lúc đi đái, đó mà thậm chí là biểu hiện cụ thể của nhiễm trùng đường tiết niệu. Mặc dù giữ dọn dẹp đúng chuẩn là chìa khóa để đối phó với luận...Read more
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    Lý do nào khiến nam giới phải cắt bao quy đầu?

    Cắt bao quy đầu là gì? Cắt bao quy đầu ở nam được hiểu dễ chơi là 1 trong mẹo nhỏ y khoa ngoại giúp loại bỏ đi phần da bao quy đầu thừa ở phía ngoài dương vật. Tuy chỉ là 1 thủ pháp dễ chơi nhưng nếu triển khai không đúng...Read more
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    How to Convert PDF to JPG Format

    PDF or Portable Document Format is a popular file format that is easily transportable and accessible with images and text capability. This file format is developed by Adobe to present various documents. PDF is supportable on all the OS that is used widely for various documentation works and to save a file in a secure format. It serves as a standard file format for its users to make the task easily accessible.

    How to Convert PDF to JPG Format

    JPG files serve as a picture file format that is also used widely across the globe, and if the user wishes to convert their PDF file to JPG format, then the process is easy for the same. There are various options to convert the PDF file.

    Pursue these guidelines to know various methods to convert PDF files to JPG:

    Using Conversion Site “Zamzar”

    Zamzar is one of the widely used and preferred online file conversion tools as it can be accessed easily on any device ranging from windows PC to smartphones.  The benefit of using a web-based utility tool is they don’t capture space on your device. One can use it as per the convenience.

    There are multiple sites available online for file conversions that provide you various options, but Zamzar is one of the recommended tools for this task. The process and time taken by Zamzar are very limited as it restricts annoying ads and various pop-outs on your screen to appear. Follow these instructions to know how to use Zamzar conversion site on your device:

    • First and foremost, visit the site of Zamzar from your preferred browser.
    • Next, abide by the on-screen indications for the upcoming process. Users may also install Zamzar based Chrome Extension for accessing on Google Chrome.
    • Note: Zamzar holds various descriptions of various file formats.
    • After that, hit the “Add Files” tab and drop your desired PDF that your wish to convert. You can apply the drag and drop function to do the same. Zamzar gives you the relaxation to select your desired PDF file through a secondary window.

    In case there is a long listing of PDF files where selection on sight is not possible, then apply these points:

    1. As a first move, select the option “Select link” tab located just beneath the option “Add Files.” It will launch your File Search panel. You have to search for your desired PDF file.
    2. Now, you have to select the format option to which you wish to change your file. To do so, hit the Choose Format tab.
    3. After that, search for the option “jpg,” and it will be located inside the image format panel.
    4. In case the user wishes to get the converted JPG file on their mail address, then they have to hit the respective options by checking the mark-box there.
    5. After ticking the marked box, an email box will be displayed next to the option “Done.”  You have to enter your mail ID on which you wish to get the file.
    6. Next, you have to press the Convert Now tab there.
    7. Then, tap on the Convert option to initiate the process. It may take some time for the file to get converted to your desired file format.
    8. Once the file converts to your desired format, then hit the Download tab there to download your desired file into the location as per your wish.
    9. In case you wish to convert more files, then hit the “Convert More” tab there, and Zamzar will allow you to upload more PDF files for the conversion process.
    10. Finally, tap the “Done” option there.

    Note: Zamzar allows users to convert their files in any of the available formats. It includes HTML5, PDF, BMP, DOCX etc.  It holds your converted files for 24 hours so that you can download it from its site if anything goes wrong with your downloaded files.

    Using PDF Preview Utility Tool for File Conversion on Mac Devices

    MacOS provides a very efficient and useful tool for converting various files as a built-in utility tool. In this case, you don’t need to download any additional tools for file conversion into your desired format.

    To use the PDF Preview file converting utility tool, abide by the given instructions:

    • In the start, expand your PDF under “PDF Preview.” Mostly, PDF files automatically expand in Preview, but if you have selected another file for the same. It won’t perform automatically. In this case, you have to search for your desired PDF file and right-click on it to launch it under Preview.
    • After that, hit the File section there and select the option “Open .”
    • Next, modify your file name, linking tags, and then select the export location there.
    • Now, set up your file format to JPEG and then choose the option “Save” to wrap up the process.
    • In case you wish to save the particular section of your PDF, then navigate to the View tab and ensure that the thumbnail is activated. It enables the user to choose a separate section by using the Thumbnail Slider.

    Aurora is an engineer by day and writer by night. Previously, Aurora worked as a certified technicians for a tech hardware startup. In her free time, she likes to write about printers, routers, web browsers, and other technical stuff. She majorly writes for canon printer support etc.

    Source: https://legitdirectory.co.uk/blog/how-to-convert-pdf-to-jpg-format/

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    How to Play Old Flash Games in 2020 and Above

    The company of Adobe is planning to shut down Flash in this calendar year, and thus gamers are worrying about their most preferred games that they used to play on Flash. Flash games are widely popular among gamers as they don’t wish to leave those Flash memories.

    How to Play Old Flash Games in 2020 and Above

    Flash web has been depleting the charm of Flash for several years as various web browsing technologies such as HTML5, WebAssembly, and WebGL are becoming popular and replacing Flash supported video containers. As Flash, these open-sourced web mechanisms don’t need the plug-in of the third party related to using various services. They were held to the top level of scrutiny features.

    The Flash and its Challenges

    Flash and other such Plugins such as Java browsers regulated their services in the closed source developmental structure. They are maintained with specific data for various updates and fixes that are maintained by one entity.

    It’s the self-designed game preservation project that works on the web and supports various contents generated through Flash, HTML5, Shockwave, Java, Unity Web Player, ActiveX, MS Silverlight, and other web-based plugins.

    The Flash project consists of three prominent parts: redirector, web server, and the launcher. They create a dynamic illusion on your screen by combining each other’s facets and presents that you are accessing the contents of Adobe Flash and its related technologies on your internet. It becomes mandatory as the SWF files can act tediously. Some of its contents only perform when it is taken to specific servers and fails to respond when it is unable to locate them.

    1. Flash maintained dynamic popularity and reputation among peoples until the last later half of the final decade. Many forced to zero-day exploits that engulfed the people with severe confusions and lots of risks.
    2. When the HTML5 came to remove Flash video contents, then the company of Google tends people to use Google Chrome for running Adobe Flash under the sandbox. After some time, the company blocked the scheme totally and denied indexing various pages having Flash contents.
    3. Up to 2020, very few sites left that used to run Flash for their browsers. This decision directly affects interactive games and various animations supported by Flash that led to the downgrading of its company.

    If you wish to retain your memories with Flash, then you can follow these mentioned instructions. We will guide you on how to use Flashpoint for playing Flash games:

    Using Flashpoint to Run Flash Games

    Internet doesn’t let all the Flash supported games to disappear in the gulf of time and space. One can use Flashpoint by BlueMaxima: a truly open-sourced program that works freely for Windows and is best compatible with Linux and Mac editions.

    1. This application provides all the tools and necessary sources to run classic Flash-based web games on your device. It holds a library of nearly thirty-eight thousand games and a wide list of two thousand and four hundred animation tasks.
    2. The Linux and Mac Experimental build may not accept complete catalog features. It is found that the Mac edition supports above thirty thousand games with complete animation features.
    3. In case you are a Windows user, you may select between two Flashpoint options: Flashpoint Infinity and Ultimate. The “Flashpoint Ultimate” is a big package that consists of the complete archive of all the Flash contents. This package needs about 300 GB of Drive space for installation on your device.
    4. It enables users to install on-demand games. You can take the package of Infinity Flashpoint in case you have Mac or Linux device.

    To get the subscription package and installation of your preferred choice, pursue these mentioned points:

    • First of all, install Flashpoint for your Windows and then get the Linux or Mac experimental ports.
    • Now, begin your Flashpoint launcher and follow another catalog.
    • Then, press the “Games” tab to get started. Navigate to the left pane for multiple curated gaming lists apart from the “All Games” section.
    • In case, you wish to access something special, then insert your desired item into the search bar and then hit the Enter key there.
    • Once your desired option expands on the screen, apply double click and wait for some time for the Flashpoint to execute your command.

    Note: Flashpoint executes its server in the first step, then redirects all the assets based on the game that you wish to play. Finally, it displays and launches customized web browsing applications to show all the related content.

    Aron smith is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on epson printer support and many other related topics. He is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.

    Source: https://magicdirectory.uk.com/blog/how-to-play-old-flash-games-in-2020-and-above/

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    How to Log Off Other Users from Windows 10

    Windows 10 is one of the advanced OS running on various latest devices and it offers multiple benefits to its users to get the best of it. Along with multiple tasks and amazing services, Windows 10 enables every user to create a separate account on the same device. This functionality safeguards all the private actions and personal files. It becomes more sensitive if you use it to share your device between numerous persons and users. In this case, your system holds multiple accounts on various holders.

    How to Log Off Other Users from Windows 10

    If you share your device with someone else regularly, then it might be the case that the user forgets to log out of his account. In this case, the system runs with various applications with the same active account. These actions consume various resources and reflect the adverse effect on that particular account.

    Here are the steps to know how you can Sign out from the account of another user on your device. Follow these instructions to do the same:

    Disadvantages of Not Logging-Out the Account

    Users are more sensitive towards their personal data and private files. They protect their devices by applying strong passwords and security encryption. There may be various accounts created for several users. They also protect their data from data theft or content issues.

     If a user forgets to Sign out from their existing account, then it may affect the overall performance of the system. It is informed that the internal disk may also affect the privacy of the user. You may find that the applications are running slower than usual or face battery draining issues on your device.

    To prevent these annoying issues, we are here to provide you some tips that will help you to log out from various user accounts. Three different ways can do it:

    1. Using Task Manager
    2. Using Command Prompt
    3. Using Windows PowerShell

    Easy Steps to Use Task Manager for Logging-out Other User’s Account

    • First and foremost, tap the “Start” button.
    • Next, look for the option “Task Manager” and hit the best-matched option there.
    • Alternatively, users can also press Ctrl, Shift and Esc key at one go to launch the same tool.
    • Then, tap on the “Users” button.
    • Apply right click on the user option and hit the tab “Sign Off.”
    • Now, press the “Sign-Out User” option.
    • When you have finished all the above instructions, then the particular account will automatically terminate.

    Easy Steps to Use Command Prompt to Log-Off Other’s Account

    • In the beginning, hit the “Start” button.
    • Then, look for the option Command Prompt.
    • Once the list expands on your window, hit the uppermost best compelling option.
    • Then, choose the administrator privileges related option for Command Prompt.
    • Now, enter the under-mentioned command followed by the Enter key:
    • “Query session.”
    • Then, authenticate your secured ID code for your desired account option that you wish to Log out.
    • After that, enter the keywords “logoff_ID-_NUMBER” into the blank command page and hit Enter key to proceed.

    Note: Users are directed to replace ID Number with the number of accounts that you wish to Log Out from your system. For Example, if we wish to Sign out five different accounts from our device, then we should type “Logoff  5” instead of “ID Number.”

    • Once you have put the number for your desired account that you wish to Sign out, then all the accounts will inactivate and terminate instantly.

    Easy Steps to Use “Windows PowerShell” Tool to Log out Other Users Account

    To get other users to account to log out, you need to know how to launch and explore PowerShell Tool. Pursue these instructions to open an elevated tool to Sign out users account:

    • At the start, navigate to Taskbar and apply right click on the available Windows logo tab.
    • Next, choose “Windows PowerShell” with admin powers by navigating the list.
    • When PowerShell Window launches on your system, then expand the Command Prompt window.
    • Once Command Prompt launches on your screen, insert the following keywords:
    • “user | Select_String _Disc| For_Each_logoff_tostring()-split  + 2.”
    • Now, press the Enter key to proceed.
    • After that, close the PowerShell window.

    Note: This method will sign out all the accounts except the account on you are working.

    Jeniffer Leio is a technical writer and her background is in engineering. She has been covering IT-related subjects like AI, Operating Systems, Latest Trends, Software, Cybersecurity, and Printer Support for a long time. She writes blogs, guides, white papers, and essays on several platforms. Her appreciated work mainly comes on brother printer support.

    Source: https://truedirectory.co.uk/blog/how-to-log-off-other-users-from-windows-10/

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    How to Change the Entire Presentation Format on PowerPoint

    Beyond any doubts, PowerPoint is the best way to make any kind of presentation. To make a presentation, there are several formatting options and features available for the users. In PowerPoint, numerous numbers of tools are available to make a perfect slideshow. If you want to convey anything, then PowerPoint will help you to describe it quickly. You can create any kind of presentation you want, and even if you are looking for creating a bigger project.

    Presentation Format on PowerPoint

    People who use PowerPoint are satisfied with this, but sometimes changing the format of presentation and clearing slides one by one can take so much time. If you are confused about the same situation, then you should know is that you don’t need to clear slideshow one by one because it can be clear at once. Just open the PowerPoint presentation with preferred formatting, which you willing to edit. Further procedure is quite simple, and here is what you have to ahead:

    Change the Entire Presentation Format

    1. Open the presentation file which you want to modify.
    2. Select the “Slide Master” icon in the “Master Views” grows of the “View” tab.
    3. You will be able to see several slides. First, one slide is a child slide, which is a default slide, below it, there are many more slides are available, but you need to choose parent slide or changes.
    4. You can change the theme if you want to give some changes to the presentation. To change the theme, you need to choose the “Themes” option from the “Edit Theme” section.
    5. Select the theme that suits your presentation.

    Every theme that available has its own color, effect, fonts, and a few more things that make them different from other themes. There are sever things available, so there will be no lack of themes while choosing. If you want to change some formatting options on new themes, then it can be possible. Whether if you are willing to change the format on the existing theme so this can be possible as well from the “Background” group.

    Choose various options for formatting:

    Colors – In the presentation, colors matter a lot. It depends on your presentation which color will suit it. You can change all the colors of your presentation, in addition to the color options you require are available in the color picker section.

    Effects – After colors, effects are the thing where you should make the right choice. Effects will change the appearance of the border, shades, and many more of your presentation. If you want to make a unique and attractive presentation, the effects can help you immensely.

    Fonts – Your headings and internal written matters, but if you write show it in simple and understandable words, then it can convey much smoothly. Change the fonts of presentation, and headlines should be your priority in this.

    Background Styles – themes and background style are two different things, but both news to be matched most likely. You can choose any form, so just select a preferred and clear style.

    Hide Background Graphics – if you want to make a simple presentation, so no graphics in the background will be better for you. Otherwise, you can choose any graphics in the background to make your presentation eye-catchy.

    In the menu, there are many options where you can find several choices to make changes in the presentation. From colors to add pictures from the gallery, everything is available in the selected section. If you choose any image from the gallery, you can change the coloring in that as well.

    Aron smith is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on lexmark printer support and many other related topics. He is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.

    Source: https://directoryboom.co.uk/blog/how-to-change-the-entire-presentation-format-on-powerpoint/

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    How to Take Notes on Locked iPad with Apple Pencil

    iPad packs numerous features and taking notes with Apple Pencil is among them. The latest iPad devices are compatible with Apple Pencil, but more than that, Apple is working on making Notes faster. For taking notes, users simply need to open the notes app. But what if the user wants to make note instantly while the display of the iPad is locked? Well, it’s possible to take notes on the iPad while the screen is locked. It’s a feature that everyone loves who makes notes and willing to take notes instantly.

    Take Notes on Locked iPad with Apple Pencil

    It’s just like sketching on the paper because the sensitivity of the device’s connectivity with a Pencil is just incredible. People who love drawing, they also prefer to use the iPad because it makes things easier and better, alongside it’s an activity of fun. Making notes on the iPad is extremely easy because you just have to touch the Pencil on the screen of the iPad for waking up the display. However, if you are willing to take notes on the locked screen then you need to follow a simple procedure.

    How to Make Notes in Locked Screen with Apple Pencil

    The newest model of iPad is compatible with Apple Pencil. After the compatibility of Apple Pencil, the usage of notes has been increased, and indeed it is one of the best ways to keep the record. In iPhone devices users need to make notes by typing. But on the iPad, you can draw anything and type as well in the same note file. Apple Pencil has a battery inside that keeps it active and you can charge it by plugging it in the charging port of iPad. It doesn’t take much time to charge, in fact, it can charge enough in 5 minutes of plugging. For making notes in the locked screen here is what you need to follow:

    1. “Tap” on the “screen” of iPad anywhere from Apple Pencil.
    2. Notes application will launch a new note instantly after tapping from Apple Pencil.
    3. Choose your way of taking notes, whether it is typing or drawing.
    4. After making the whole note, tap on the “Done” icon on the right above side to save the note.

    A great thing in the notes app is that you can create anything you want with Apple Pencil. Whether you prefer typing or drawing, in the notes app, both features are available. With Apple Pencil, you can draw things in various colors. If you are using iPhone or iPad that doesn’t support Pencil, you can still launch notes from control center. Whether is not as fast as the Pencil but still it can save some of the steps for opening notes.

    People from around the world prefer to use the iPad and Apple Pencil of new generations because it’s easy and also with Pencil, you can do several more things in iPad. Although, there are multiple generations of iPad that are compatible with Apple Pencil. Here are the list of the iPad devices that can be used with the following generation of Apple Pencil.

    Apple Pencil 1st Generation – It was the first Pencil that Apple released. It is compatible with several iPad models, and these models are:

    • iPad Air 3rd Generation
    • iPad mini 5th Generation
    • iPad 6th Generation
    • iPad Pro 12.9-inch 1st and 2nd Generation
    • iPad Pro 10.5-inch
    • iPad Pro 9.7-inch

    All these models have a home button, and they are the first models that able to compatible with Apple Pencil with great connectivity.

    Apple Pencil 2nd Generation – It’s a new generation of Apple Pencil that connect with iPad Pro 2018 models and the new generation of iPad models which is:

    • iPad Pro 12.9-inch 3rd Generation
    • iPad Pro 11-inch

    New generation of iPad models that don’t have the home button are compatible with the new generation of Apple Pencil. iPad alone is a great device, and Apple Pencil makes it superior and more creative toward the users.

    Aron smith is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on brother printer support and many other related topics. He is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.

    Source: https://magicdirectory.uk.com/blog/how-to-take-notes-on-locked-ipad-with-apple-pencil/

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    How to Get Back Disabled/Deleted Instagram Account

    For influencers and marketing, Instagram is currently the best social media platform. The popularity of Instagram is growing as with it, you can convey your content to the highest number of people. Nowadays, most people use Instagram for marketing and that is why Instagram is getting firm on their policies and conditions. If you violate the Instagram terms, then your account can be disabled or might be deleted. One of the worst things is that Instagram never informs the user why their account is disabled or deleted, so it makes things tough to understand why it happens.

    How to Get Back Disabled Deleted Instagram Account

    If you are an influencer, it doesn’t matter what kind of product you are using for marketing, you will get a great response from all around the world. If you have a huge number of followers and they influence by your recommendation, then you can also become a great influencer to earn money. But if the account is disabled, everything you do on Instagram will be stopped as well. However, it’s not that tough to get your account back.

    Why Instagram Disable Account?

    There is no doubt about the strict policies and terms of Instagram. If you do not read these policies and terms, then you might receive a disabled account. Instagram does not directly disable account; in fact, they strike on your against terms post and remove it. If you repeat the mistake multiple times, then finally, they will disable your account. While posting, you can show R-rated content to your followers. Instagram is a clean social media platform, and that is why they do not all these kinds of content for posting.

    When they disable your account, it will be logged out automatically, and then you will be asked to log in again. When you log in again, it will show your account is disabled because you violate the terms of Instagram. In case if you send anyone R-rated content, they might disable your account for it too. Any Illegal activity, graphic violence, hate speech, and R-rated content could lead your account to get disabled.

    How to Activate Disabled Instagram Account

    While login, if your account is showing the disabled message, then the only thing you can do is tap on the Learn More icon. In the Learn More, you will be guided that how you can reactivate the account in legit ways. It could take time to activate the account after you applied the request.

    Open the app and login again. After login back, you will see the “learn more” icons. Tap on the Learn More icon and scroll down to a request for review. In the request review, you have to enter the name and other details of your account. In the last column, you have to make a request to activate an account in your words, and in the end, promise them you will not repeat the same mistake again.

    You can also simply make an appeal on the help center page of the Instagram official page. Just enter your words in the field to create an Instagram review account again. In the area, you again have to ask for an apology for your fault and request them to activate the account. They might ask for the verification, and in that, they could ask for a selfie picture. It could take days to get a response from Instagram, or they will only activate your account without any notice.

    Can You Get Deleted Instagram Account?

    Once your Instagram account is deleted, and there is no information about your Instagram account, then you cannot get it back. There is no way to get back a deleted account, but you can make another account with the same Email and Number. If you give your account to anyone for accessing and they end up deleting it, there is no way you are going to get your account back. From next time you should be more careful when giving anyone your account.

    How to Reactivate Instagram Account

    Well, reactivating Instagram is not a tough task. If you deactivate your account for taking some break so yes, you can reactivate your account with a simple step. In order to reactivate the account, you need to access the desktop computer. It will not activate if you tried to reactivate it through the mobile app.

    To activate the deactivated account, you just have to login again to get it back. It might ask for your verification, like the email of code on your mobile number. You have to provide it in the required column for reactivating. After reactivating the account, just read the terms and policies that might be changed.

    Jeniffer Leio is a technical writer and her background is in engineering. She has been covering IT-related subjects like AI, Operating Systems, Latest Trends, Software, Cybersecurity, and Printer Support for a long time. She writes blogs, guides, white papers, and essays on several platforms. Her appreciated work mainly comes on epson printer support.

    Source: https://truedirectory.co.uk/blog/how-to-get-back-disabled-deleted-instagram-account/

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