The 2016 national competition season is over. What is your first priority leading into 2017?

Rosa P.

nice post

Chuck McAbee

2017 season has started for both the Majors and Hoosier Super Tour.  Time to move on to 2017 questions.

Michel Strickland

First priorities heading into 2017....  Stay Healthy! 

Just joined in December 2016.  I was either a member or bought weekend deals to compete in the '60s but I can't remember.  The saying used to be if you can remember the '60s, then you weren't really there but I've never used drugs recreationally.  I have two possible cars in which to compete and am dazzled by the number of classes and the number of 404 messages on the clicks.  I live in Vancouver Washington and it appears I have been included in the Oregon region, but I cannot send a message to anyone in either region whose title seems to be one who could answer my questions about what region should get me and the share of my membership dues.  Also, the Profile option will open and be functional in the national webpages, but it won't open in either region for me.  I thought at least my photo would migrate down from the national to the region, but alas... 

I have wandered around in the GCRs and the Fastracks which seem to invoke more questions than answers for me.  I really need a cheat sheet for acronyms and having one on the site would really be nice.  For example, one car ('66 Mustang, 408 stroker) I have is in fabrication right now and among other things is getting a 12 point roll cage, but I read a class description which limited the roll cage attachment points, but that classification may not even be a possible one for me.  It just struck me about limiting the driver safety as being a possible advantage over competitors.  I think my '66 Mustang is going to end up in the Prepared class which is fine with me.  I have not yet decided to Pro or not to Pro.  I will need to know if Pro in one class means Pro in all classes or not being eligible to run events which do not have Pro classes.  I have a '98 Mustang SVT Cobra which is all stock save for an improved cold air intake, Kooks long headers, electronically controlled cutouts, no cats, and MagnaFlow mufflers at the rear of the pipes. 

So, I'm getting ready for 2017 by expecting my application for a national license will go through, thinking I will be running the '66 in Road Races in one of the Prepared classes and the '98 in Solo and maybe a Road Rally here and there if I can talk my wife into riding along.  I am a retired guy (33 years, US Army, Infantry and Special Forces. 54 months in combat zones) and still looking to finish my teenage years which I interrupted by joining the Army as soon as I was 17 and just a few months before the US (and I) entered Vietnam in a big way.

Helpful comments appreciated!

Michael Donohue

Trying to figure out the path to the Runoffs , especially since the Southeast conference has yet to identify what races will count ! Why must SCCA change qualifying so often ? NASA might be the better option!