Michele Yvette Abbate

In the winter Las Vegas has a nice Legends Car Road Racing series.  It's perfect to make the off-season on again! :)

Bill Vogel

What off season? I'm in CalClub where the weather is always fair.

We look for events at Sonoma and Laguna Seca in the summer - if we have one, that is our off season. Do a bunch of make club DE instruction and open testing / track events at the various inland valley or higher altitude tracks during three seasons. The desert tracks have a slightly shorter winter plus "shoulder" season schedule. We also race in a private-club series in Arizona fall, winter and spring. 

Austin R Hilliard

That sounds really nice!  Out here in Colorado the fair weather season doesn't start in earnest until May, and sometimes events still get snowed-out!  By the time you get going the season is over.  Glad we have some indoor kart tracks!