Getting Over The Worries:

One of the best reasons to go to conventions is to “get out from the Region” and meet the people behind the names. This is your chance to get to meet, in person, the people you’ve chatted with for years or even a few minutes. The thing to remember when you walk in the front door of the hotel, is all these people at the hotel with you share the same interest in the SCCA as you do.

Packing For The Con:

One of the most common questions new attendees think about is what they should pack for the convention. Of course, you should be sure you have enough clean clothes for each day plus an extra just in case, and plenty of toiletries to last you through the weekend. If you plan on attending the Hall of Fame banquet, try to bring something that is at least business casual. While we don't have a dress code, this is a very special occasion for many, so suits and dresses are the most preferred choices.

If you are traveling by air, keep in mind that some items are prohibited in carry-on and checked baggage.

Traveling To Las Vegas:

For directions consult our travel page here, which provides information about how to get to Las Vegas and to the hotel.

If you’re flying to the convention, keep your tickets in a safe place and stay on schedule. Be sure to arrive early to allow yourself time to clear security and find your flight or train.

All luggage looks the same at the luggage claim in the airport. Make sure yours stands out by tying a bandana or neon piece of tape to the handle. Remember not to lock your luggage as TSA will have to cut it off to inspect it. Put your name and phone number on the outside and on the inside.

Put your name and contact information on everything you bring. Notebooks and binders can appear similar when laying on tables next to each other – quickly be able to tell what is yours and make it easier to locate when lost.

At The Con:

From the moment you step into the hotel, you will probably feel a little overloaded. Relax!

The first thing to do is get checked in and drop your luggage off in your room. Give yourself a chance to breathe and freshen up a bit to get the travel crud off.

After that, head to the registration desk on the second floor of the Exhibit Hall. This area can be accessed by a escalator across from the business center and the very, VERY large horse statue (you'll know it when you see it). You are also strongly encouraged to attend our “Ascenders/First Timers” panel, Thursday, January 17 – It’s informative and entertaining!

There are two golden rules to surviving and having fun at a convention:

  • The “6-2-1” Rule: Get six good hours of sleep each night, eat at least two good meals each day, and take one good shower each morning.
  • Drink lots of water! Las Vegas is very dry and hydrating is important.

The most important thing though, is to have fun! Go out of your way to talk to others. Attend events you hadn’t planned on attending. Patronize the vendors in the Vendor/Break Room.

Stay Healthy:

We can’t stress enough the importance of getting enough sleep, eating good meals, and drinking lots of water. Neglecting these needs will weaken your immune system, leaving you susceptible to illnesses.

Be sure to also wash your hands often. There are a lot of germs floating around that time of year and we wouldn't want anyone to catch a cold or the flu. Good hygiene will help protect you from becoming infected with these illnesses, often simply called “con crud.”

Staying Safe:

While the chances of something happening to you are exceedingly remote, it is always best to play it safe, especially when in a strange place.

If you drive to the con, take all the valuables out of your car into the hotel with you. If you don’t want to bring them in with you, put them in the trunk so that they are at least out of sight.

Do not carry around large amounts of cash! The hotel has safe deposit boxes available at the front desk. Use the lock box in your hotel room to store valuables when you leave or go to bed.

If you have any problems while at the convention, find the nearest staffer. They can get you in contact with the right people to help you resolve the situation.

Party Safely:

We didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday – we know a lot of partying goes on at the convention. We just ask that our attendees act responsibly when it comes to alcohol. Don’t drink excessively, don’t drink and drive, and be safe while partying. 

Remember, during convention hours we're here to learn and grow as a club. Wait until the end of the of the day or evening parties before you crack a cold one.

The SCCA absolutely does not condone and will not tolerate the possession, use, or distribution of illegal narcotics while at the convention. If you are found in possession of, under the influence of, or distributing narcotics, it is no longer a SCCA National Convention matter and instead a Las Vegas Police Department matter.

Treat The Staff Well:

SCCA National Convention is organized by a small but enthusiastic team of national office staff members with a majority of our presenters being unpaid volunteers. We're excited to host and spend the weekend with you, so say hi, be friendly and you'll have lots of new friends in the national office! Have a sense of humor during the weekend, we take our jobs seriously but not ourselves.

Please be kind to the hotel and restaurant staff. They're all working hard to make sure you have a great stay. Remember to tip them! Try also to keep your room reasonably clean – the housekeeping staff will love you!

Giving Feedback:

The SCCA National Convention values and appreciates the feedback of our attendees. Look at the "Contact Us" page to see where your comment might best go. There is also a year-end survey that will be emailed to all attendees.