My name is Bill Trainer, I'm a member of the Chicago Region SCCA and am seeking the Area 5 SCCA Board of Directors seat. 

I am a 30 year member of the SCCA - the past 15 years in the Chicago region and prior to that with the NE Ohio region. My racing experience began in Solo (I started NE Ohio's Solo program) then Improved Touring and currently I race in H Production. During my NE Ohio time I was the Assistant Regional Executive, Competition Board Chairman and Race Chairman for many national, regional and driver school events. These activities have given me a real insight on what it takes to have successful programs and racing events/schools.  When you deal firsthand in these roles you not only learn the details that must be managed but also the importance of the dedicated and talented people working all the specialties. It has provided me a true appreciation for what a special organization we have.

The SCCA is a big part of my life and I want to do what I can to keep it vibrant in a fast changing environment. There are 9 regions in the Central division with members active in Racing, Solo, Rally, Steward and Worker specialties. It is critical to understand the varied priorities, concerns and ideas of our members for the future of the club and balance the club support for these items from entry level to Championships. The Regions are where it all happens so their priorities must be our focus. It is fundamental that we be good at letting people know who and what we are - and then make it easy to join and easy to start participating. Fact is, the more people we have involved, the more fun we have!

I recently retired from a career in manufacturing with Berkshire Hathaway where I had responsibility for domestic and international companies in addition to being on several company Board of Directors. I understand well the importance of teamwork, participation and that every contribution has merit and should be acknowledged. I also believe the clarity of objective was critical for success in all the companies and cultures I worked with.  Key in my position was strategic planning, financial (P+L and Balance Sheet) along with the primary objectives of business profitability and growth. Now I am able to pursue my motorsport passion! I believe I have the experience and skills to make a difference for our club.

As Director I would not only appreciate but seek out any thoughts or suggestions you have for the club. And now, most importantly, I would appreciate your vote in October.

Thank you, 
Bill Trainer