Ways to Play (Groups/Classing)

There are two ways to play in Targa. The first is Targa Competition.  Competition teams will be placed one of 7 classes, timed, scored and ranked and eligible for end of event awards and all the fame and fortune that comes with a Targa Class win.*  The second path is Targa Experience.  Experience Teams will do the same events and get the same amount of track time, but without all the hassles and complications of competition.  There is a high probability of individual event awards for teams that make an impression on the event officials, positive or negative.  It is, however, not recommended that teams strive to excel in the negative impression category.

*Note: There is not actually any fame or fortune that comes with a Targa Class win.  This is just for fun, folks, the only way you could get famous doing this is if you screw it up and then share the video… and that could cost you a small fortune.

Non Competition Groups

Targa Experiential

For teams that just want to experience Targa, but are not interested in all the complexities of competition, there is the Targa Experiential option.  Teams who opt for one of the Experiential classes will get as much seat time as the competition drivers and will get to do all the elements.

Novice Experience:

The Novice Experience is recommended for teams with at least one member who has never driven on track before or teams who would like a little more guidance from the Novice Coach.   It should be noted that the Novice Coach will also be available to competition teams who want some pointers along the way.

Intermediate / Advanced:

The Intermediate/Advanced Group will run through the same events as the Novice Experience and the Competition Teams, but without overall scoring or coaching.  This is recommended for entrants who have run on track before and want to run “just for fun.”

Competition Classes

Targa Competition classes are based upon SCCA Solo Classes.  However, as Targa is just for fun, the margins are slightly wider for allowed modifications.  That means, if you bring a legally prepped autocross car for the one of the base classes, you’re in that class.  However, if you have a car that fundamentally fits in the class, or is underprepared for the class, but has a normally-not-allowed modification, we are going to put you in the class you fit best in. But a warning for those of you who love to try to beat the rules, blatant attempts to loophole your way to victory will be rewarded with a bump to the next class up, so keep it simple and remember- Targa is just for fun.

And if you are not sure what you class should be, just ask.

Street Classes

There are three Street Classes for stock vehicles with minimal mods.  The Solo Rules allow for replacement shocks, wheels that are an inch taller or shorter, a sway bar on the front or the rear and cat-back exhaust.   Targa will also allow you to run these classes with vehicles that are on stock springs, at stock ride height and weight and make roughly stock horsepower.

Street 1

Nutshell: Stock V8 Muscle Cars, Fast Sports Cars and Super Sedans

Solo Classes: AS, BS and FS

Examples: Corvette (non-Z06), Mustang, Camaro, M3 (V8), STi and Evo

Street 2

Nutshell: Stock Quick Sedans, 6 Cylinders and Boosted 4 Bangers

Autocross Classes: DS, GS

Examples: Focus ST, WRX, BMW 3-Series (non-M), Cooper, RSX (type S)

Street 3

Nutshell: Stock Small Sports Cars and Sedans, mostly 4 Cylinders

Autocross Classes: CS, ES, HS

Examples: Miata, FR-S/BRZ, Civic, Fiesta ST


Touring Classes

Touring Classes are for cars with stock drive trains, but modified suspensions, intake and exhaust.  These classes are based upon Street Touring Autocross classes with “mild” Street Prepared builds allowed.  If it has a stock engine, is at stock weight (give or take) and does not have any radical aerodynamic modifications, it likely is a good fit for one of the Touring Classes.

Touring 1

Nutshell: Quick Sedans and Sports Cars with Light Modifications

Autocross Classes: STR, STX

Examples: NC/ND Miata, S2000, 3 Series, FR-S/BRZ, RX8

Touring 2

Nutshell: Smaller Sedans and Sports Cars with Light Modifications

Autocross Classes: STS, STF

Examples: NA/NB Miata, Civic, Mazda3, RSX, Cooper (non S)


Super Production and Unlimited

Super Production is for seriously fast production cars that have not been modified beyond their original configuration.  This is a blending of the fastest cars from the Street and Street Touring Categories along with high output vehicles that have suspension, intake and exhaust modifications.  The Unlimited classed vehicles may have to meet Targa safety requirements for vehicle and driver safety equipment and must be street legal.. Otherwise, game on.

Super Production

Nutshell: Fast Production Cars with Limited Modifications

Autocross Classes: SS, STU, STP

Examples: Z06 Corvette, 911 Turbo/GT3, STi, Evo, Mustang, Camaro


Nutshell: If it’s street legal, it’s Unlimited legal

Autocross Classes: SSM, SM

Examples: GT-R, Atom, Heavily modified/Forced Induction/ Motor Swap