Hello fellow Area 12 SCCA members, my name is Steve Strickland.

I’ve been a member of the SCCA and the Blue Ridge Region since 1982, and after a couple years in Solo have been an active club racer since. Over the years I have also devoted time to the “behind the scenes” work that the club requires to keep things working- the South Atlantic Road Race Committee (SARRC), the SCCA Hall of Fame, and various Region leadership posts, including RE, Assistant RE, and the Region Board. I’m also a member of the Club Racing Board (CRB), having previously served on the Improved Touring Advisory Committee (ITAC). I am also a driver coach and event lead for our Track Night in America program, which has been a terrific experience.

In addition to my SCCA experience, I would bring to the Board an education and background in the business world. I spent many years in management and sales for one of the largest Caterpillar dealers in the country, and I am now self employed with a modest trackside support business.

If elected, there are two things that I am passionate about and plan to emphasize. The first is strengthening the “rungs of the ladder” in event participation, starting with Solo, continuing through Track Night and Time Trials, and culminating in Divisional Racing, including competitors and race workers. While every step of the ladder has its successes and its challenges, continuing the growth in Solo, Track Night, and Time Trials and enhancing Divisional racing as the next step in going “wheel-to-wheel” is crucial to our future health.

The second is supporting our Regions and their leadership teams, with the goal of helping them increase membership and improve retention via strengthening their members’ connection to our sport and our organization. Regions are where the rubber meets the road for an individual member’s SCCA experience- they have a vitally important role in keeping our members engaged and connected.

Many important steps and initiatives have already begun in these two areas, and my objective would be to support those and help develop new ones. There are certainly many other challenges ahead of us. In my recent travels to events throughout Area 12, many of you have shared your thoughts and concerns about our future with me. If elected I hope that continues!

I care deeply about the future of SCCA- it has been a core part of our family’s life for many years. I believe that my background and experience both inside and outside the club have prepared me to contribute to our future challenges and issues as a member of the Board. With your support I’d like to help guide our future!