Claiming Contingency Awards 

Competitors are now required to submit an electronic claim form in order to collect contingency awards. This new process will greatly improve contingency verification and enables the competitor to ensure their vehicle was checked and submitted for quick and accurate payout.

Step 1: When in a payout position you will take 3 photos of your vehicle - driver side, front and passenger side to show proper placement of decals (on most smart phones you can also take the photos while in the claim form (linked below), or you download a photo from your album). Photos must be taken on site at the event you are submitting claims for, we suggest taking your photos while you are celebrating in impound.

Step 2: Open the claim form below from your phone, tablet, or computer and fill out the required fields, add your photos and click "Submit". Your claim form must be submitted within 7 days of the event, you only need to submit one claim form for multiple sponsors per event. 

RallyCross Claim Form

Step 3: You are done! Your claim has now been submitted to SCCA National Staff, once verified you will receive your payout according to the specific sponsors payout process, keep an eye out on your inbox! 

If you have any questions in regards to contingency claim form process through SCCA, please contact Brandy Wiggans at