During the August SCCA Board of Directors meeting, proposed language was approved that would update the current SCCA Bylaws as they relate to voting on matters put in front of members.  The full SCCA Board of Directors supports the proposed changes and is hopeful membership will see the value in approving these updates. 

The proposed changes offer an opportunity to bring SCCA into modern times, provide significant savings for our club and provide the club with the opportunity to efficiently update our bylaws in the future to bring us into compliance with Connecticut statutes where we are incorporated. 

The proposed language updates are noted via strikethrough/highlights in our current bylaw language (complete SCCA Bylaws are available online on www.scca.com): 



ARTICLE III. Section 3. Notice. A written notice of each annual and special meeting stating the place, hour, date and purpose thereof shall be mailed communicated by the office of the Club to every Member not less than 14 nor more than 45 days before such meeting. Any official notification/communication referenced herein and hereinafter in these Bylaws as being 'in writing' may be in either written or electronic media (e.g., email) form.  Notice may be communicated in person, by US postal mail or other method of delivery, by email or other electronic means, or by publication in Sportscar Magazine or any other publication routinely provided by the Club to the Members.  No action shall be taken at any annual or special meeting of the Members unless the intention to consider the subject matter has been set forth in the notice of the meeting.

ARTICLE IV.  Section 5. Election. The secretary of the Club shall prepare ballots for each Area listing in alphabetical order all duly nominated candidates for Director in such Area and shall mail provide such ballots on or before October 15 to all Regular Members of the Area. Ballots may be provided by any of the means permitted for notice under Article 3, Section 3.  Each Regular Member may cast as many votes as there are Directors to be elected but no more than one for any one candidate. 

Ballots shall be mailed provided for counting to the certified public accounting firm selected by the Board of Directors as the Club's auditor of elections and shall not be available for inspection by any officer, Member or employee of the Club. Only ballots received at the address designated in the ballot on or before November 15 of the same year shall be counted.

ARTICLE XI.  Amendment.  The Board of Directors, or three per cent or more of the Regular Members, of whom no more than one-third shall be from the same Area, may propose an amendment to the certificate of incorporation or bylaws by submitting such proposal in writing to the secretary. A proposal submitted by the Members shall be reviewed by a committee of five Regular Members, consisting of four Members appointed by the Board of Directors, two of whom are Members proposing the amendment, and a fifth Member appointed by these four Members, who shall act as a chairperson. The committee shall consider the propriety of the proposal, taking into account the intent of the Petitioners and the suitability of the inclusion of the proposal in primary instruments such as the certificate of incorporation and bylaws, and shall draft the proposed amendment into suitable language. Proposals of either origin shall be submitted to the vote of the Regular Member by mailing providing notice of the proposal and a form of ballot by any of the means permitted for notice under Article 3, Section 3 to all Regular Members. Each Regular Member shall be entitled to one vote on each proposal submitted to the membership. At least 30 days shall be allowed for voting. Ballots shall be mailed provided for counting to the firm of certified public accountants serving as the Club auditor, and shall not be available for inspection by any officer, Member, or employee. If at least two-thirds of the Regular Members voting are in favor of the amendment, it shall be adopted. The secretary shall cause the result of the balloting to be published for the information of the entire membership.

Ballots will be mailed in accordance to our current bylaws in early October and are due back November 15th, 2019.  As we are certain there will be questions as to administration of any electronic balloting and communications, we have established an FAQ's (below) that will answer many of the most common concerns.  You may also contact our Region Development Department via insideline@scca.com with questions/comments.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Will I have the ability to receive a paper ballot?
    • Yes, members will have the ability to contact the membership services department and request a paper ballot on matters put to a vote.
  • Are family members still able to cast votes?
    • Yes, each member has their own unique membership ID and password
  • How will my vote be cast?
    • Later this year, the new member portal will be launched.  You will login to your account and the availability to vote will be viewable there
  • Can members vote more than once?
    • No, members will only be able to cast their vote once (or as prescribed in bylaws based on election criteria)
  • Can I change my vote after my initial vote is cast?
    • No, once you cast your vote, the information is secure and not editable
  • Will there be a time frame on voting?
    • Yes, voting polls will open and close at prescribed times per SCCA Bylaws/Operations Manual
  • Can my vote be manipulated/changed by someone else?
    • No, there are approved internal controls implemented by the software provider.   An audit trail of the voting details will be reviewed by our auditing firm. 
  • What if someone else logs in as me and casts my vote?
    • Your account is password protected and we encourage members not to share their login information.  If questions arise, we will review the audit trail and consult with our auditing firm.