After a recent change to our insurance policy by our provider, we've had to adjust how Annual Waivers are issued. From now on, all newly issued annual waivers will expire at the end of the current calendar year regardless of when the annual waiver was submitted or renewed. The only exception to this is for anyone who signs and submits their annual waiver on or after October 1st, with the following years date filled out at the top, will be issued an annual waiver that is valid from that point until the end of the following calendar year.

For example: If Cam signs and submits their annual waiver on October 10th with 2017 filled out, their annual waiver will not expire until the end of 2017. If Sam signs and submits their annual waiver on October 10th but with 2016 filled out, then their annual waiver will expire at the end of 2016. Again, this is only applicable for annual waivers signed and submitted on or after October 1st of each year.

For all members who were issued a annual waiver earlier this year with an expiration date after the end of 2016, your annual waiver will still be valid until that date. After that point, the new policy will apply to you.

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To download the appropriate annual waiver and learn more about annual waivers, CLICK HERE!

Dennis E Joyce

Will membership anniversary dates also change to calendar year...or will the annual waiver renewal process require a second transmittal each year separate from membership renewal?  In my case, I renew in the middle of the calendar year (June 1).  

If I understand the change, I will now be required to submit a new waiver form in the last quarter of the (current) calendar year for the waiver to apply throughout the following calendar year.  Is that correct?



Linda Rogaski

From reading the informtion posted above it appears that a member will recieve two (2) Annual Waiver cards per year.  The first will start from date of membership renewal till the end of the calendar year and the second will start the first of the calendar year until expiration of that year's membership.  

In the past few years members who purchased multi-year memberships received Annual Waiver cards dated for the extent of the membership even though their annual waiver expired at the end of the first year.  With the new insurance requirements will national staff only issue Annual Waiver cards to those members who have the annual waiver on file?  It would be very helpful to us in the field if the Annual Waiver cards were only issued for the term of the annual waiver form.


LInda Rogaski

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