Meeting Spaces


The SCCA National Convention will be the host of many SCCA program boards and other groups as they plan, train, and get ready for the future of the SCCA. While we plan to have more meeting spaces in 2020, space will be limited and we will have to make a organized effort to fit and provide everyone with what they need. Official boards should plan to be contacted by the convention staff to arrange meals to be served in the meeting spaces. Menus and additional information will be sent to all who've applied by December 1.

If you are in need of a meeting space during the SCCA National Convention or the days leading up to or after, please fill out the following information. Please note, requesting space does not guarantee availability.

What group or board will be using this meeting space?

How large do you expect your group to be while using this meeting space?

If you're requesting a space for a extended period of time but expect your group to increase in size only for a limited time, please provide additional information. For example, you will have ten people for six hours but expect to be joined by an additional ten people for the last two hours.

Please select the supporting items your group will need.

Please select the blocks of time you expect you'll need a meeting space.