My name is Monty Holt and I am asking you to elect me to be your Director for Area 13. I have been involved with the SCCA and the Northwest regions since 1978. I have traveled across the county going to different race track’s which has allowed me the opportunity to see how other regions operate their racing, rally and auto-cross programs.

The competition for the motorsports dollar is affecting the Regions in our Area. The Regions, like any other business need to find ways to stay competitive and relevant. It is also important that SCCA help the Regions and that would be my job to lobby and obtain the help that would be needed. To grow our business it takes hard work and a vision of what is needed. With your help we can achieve our goals to make the Northwest, Oregon, Arctic Alaska, Big Sky, Montana, Snake River and Southwest Montana regions successful and relevant

I have a number of ideas that will work but it will take your help but it will take time and the support of the Board of Directors and you the SCCA members. When I was the RE of Cal Club we implemented some new ideas that allowed us improve cost control, communication and to stay focused on our goals.

A quick summary of my background in motorsports:

  • ŸCal Club Board member and after serving a year I was elected to be Regional Executive
  • Corner worker, crew member, competitor, Series Administrator – NASPORT
  • Motorsports Parts and Fuel business
  • Consultant
  • Worked with Nissan Motorsports parts program and Purchasing Manager for NPTI GTP program         

I know that with your help we can make improvements that will benefit all. We have SCCA to help us and it would be my job to help the Board help us grow. I know that I can do this with your help and support.