Hi, I’m Jeff Zurschmeide and I’m running to represent SCCA Area 13 on the national Board of Directors. I’d like to tell you why I’m running and what I plan to do if elected.

SCCA is a complex organization, with elected leadership at both the regional and the national levels. The two layers of club leadership have very different jobs, but the end goal is the same: to foster a healthy and growing community in all the forms of racing that SCCA sanctions.

At the regional level, we’re concerned with raising attendance, controlling costs, and providing events that are safe, fair, and fun. I’ve lived this first-hand while serving as Road Racing Director and Regional Executive of Oregon Region. At the national level, the goals are the same, but the national board is charged with looking after the health of SCCA nationwide.

I believe that in order for SCCA to thrive nationally, we need healthy regions that have the freedom to decide how best to meet the needs of their members. The challenges faced by a Jumbo region with one or more permanent racing facilities are not the same as those faced by small regions with no track. The primary job of the national organization is to support all kinds of regions by providing a solid foundation of rules and support, with the flexibility to allow regions to provide the types of events and the competition classes that their members prefer.

To do that, SCCA needs a board that makes smart management decisions. The current board is doing a good job, and my goal is to keep the national board on task and to keep SCCA financially sound. That means continuing to listen to the regions and individual competitors on national issues such as the location and nature of national championship events, and keeping the board focused on SCCA’s core mission.

I’ve been an SCCA member for nearly 30 years, and in that time I’ve been a driver in Road Racing, Solo, RoadRally, and RallyCross. I ran my first Solo at age 16. I’ve been a race worker, a steward, and a regional official responsible for budgets and participation. In my life outside SCCA, I run a small business in automotive and motorsports publishing. I’ve got the time and the experience to represent the needs of Area 13, and to keep SCCA healthy for all our regions everywhere.

Thanks for your consideration.