The following are the minimum requirements to drive in an SCCA HillClimb Event.

1. Weekend or Full Membership of the SCCA.

2. Valid government-issued driver’s license.

3. Be able to handle the physical and mental demands of competition for the length of a session for each session of the event. Click here to see detailed description.

4. A Time Trials License from the SCCA/recognized sanctioning body or a competition license from a recognized sanctioning body.

Note: Some events may require more than the minimum, such as requiring a HillClimb License instead of a TT or alternate sanctioning body license. Check individual event information and Supplementary Regulations for specific driver requirements.

HillClimb Licenses

HillClimb Novice License: The HillClimb Novice License is for those drivers who are eligible but have little or no experience in driving at speed in HillClimbs, Time Trials or wheel-to-wheel competition.

HillClimb Driver License: The HillClimb Driver License is for those who have completed three or more HillClimbs with a satisfactory rating or have accepted alternate experience.

Alternate Accepted Licenses:

  • SCCA Time Trials Intermediate, Advanced, Pro Licenses.

  • SCCA Novice and Full Competition License.

  • Any license listed in the SCCA General Competition Rules, Section 2.8.B.

  • Canadian ACN-FIA Licenses.

  • Other sanctioning body Time Trials Licenses (drivers should be placed in groups with the closest passing rules to their issuing sanctioning body or club).

Minor Drivers

All drivers 17 years old or younger must contact Event Officials before the event and get approval from the Event Lead or Chief Steward.

In addition to approval by the Event Lead or Chief Steward, the following items are required for participation by a minor:

A. Completed Annual Parental Consent, Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement. (Note: forms vary by state and witnessing method.)

B. Completed Minor’s Assumption of Risk Acknowledgment. (Note: forms vary by state and witnessing method.)

C. Weekend or Full Membership of the SCCA.

D. A valid driver’s license which does not require a passenger in the vehicle, issued by state, province, territory or country.

E. When applying for a HillClimb License, he or she must apply directly to SCCA Member Services.

Getting an SCCA HillClimb License

Previously, both SCCA HillClimb and Time Trials were covered by the  "Time Trial" Licensing program and a Time Trials license worked for both SCCA Time Trial and HillClimb events. Going forward, a separate pair of HillClimb licenses will be offered for drivers who would like that designation on their license or for events which require a specific HillClimb License. (Read an FAQ on new Licenses by clicking here.)

If you have a current SCCA membership and had the SCCA Time Trials Driver License, it was converted to an Intermediate license. If you had an existing Time Trials Novice License, it would have stayed a Time Trials Novice License.

If you would like an SCCA HillClimb Driver License and have a current Time Trials Intermediate/Advanced License or one of the alternate accepted licenses, you can contact SCCA Member Services and ask for a HillClimb Driver License by e-mailing them at or by calling 1-800-770-2055.

If you do not have experience, an SCCA Time Trials License nor another approved license, you will need to get an SCCA HillClimb Novice License by entering an event which accepts Novices or by contacting SCCA Member Services to get the Novice License added to your membership.

Novice Experience will be tracked in an SCCA Driver Participation Log. This log is available through Member Services or at events and when three events are filled out with a "Satisfactory" rating, a driver may apply for the HillClimb Driver License through the form and directions in the Log.

There is no longer a cost for either the HillClimb Driver or HillClimb Novice License.