SCCA Divisional Championships

The SCCA Divisions themselves determine the criteria to award Division Championship honors to best meet the needs of the participants within their geographic area.

2017 Qualification Criteria

There will continue to be a path to the Runoffs through each Divisional Championship.  In 2017, any driver in a Runoffs eligible class that participates in four eligible weekends and finishes in the top three (top five for SRF3 and SM) in the final standings will earn an invitation.

For more information about each Divisional Championships criteria you may contact the designated person below:

Central Division                Jack Kolpack       (608) 362-7356,
                                         Peter Jankovskis (630) 738-0288,
Great Lakes Division       Dan Hodge          (614) 985-6116,
Midwest Division              Rocky Entriken   (785) 827-5143,
Northeast Division          Chris Mosley       (973) 723-8069,  
Northern Pacific Division Ken Jones           (425) 338-2198,
Rocky Mountain Division Jim Christian       (303) 449-5665,
Southeast Division           Jim Creighton     (404) 875-4174,
Southern Pacific Division Chris Page         (480) 641-5451,
                                         Penelope Coy    (760) 247-8077,
Southwest Division          Tom Brown         (214) 383-5079,