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Everyone's favorite SCCA National Convention activity will return this year as the 3nd annual SCCA Pinewood Derby, scheduled to take place during the Welcome Party on the opening night of Convention in Vegas. We've upgraded the track to fit SCCA's high standards and are now looking for some derby cars to break it in!

Like last year, there will be two classes; Spec BSA and Unlimited. Spec BSA cars are subject to the rules and regulations of BSA Pinewood Derby competitions. Unlimited cars are subject only to what can get through TSA checkpoints, and they must be able to fit into the track starting gate. Rental cars will be available, betting is encouraged (Vegas baby!), and Cobb Truing -- the premier derby car builder -- will have premium paddock space to provide trackside derby wheel truing services to participants.

All these developments are due in large part to the Derby Events Board (DEB). Rick Myers and John Burchardt will serve as OG DEBs, each carrying two votes. SCCA President/CEO Mike Cobb will be returning carrying one vote. Any decision that comes to a vote will require four (4) votes to pass. Whenever DEB Cobb casts a vote, “DEButante” India Munroe will step in to cast two (2) votes in order to maintain the balance of chaos on the DEB. “DEBby” scrutineers will be on site for the event to keep everything on the up and up. It's worth noting, scales have been pre-tipped for maximum fairness.

For those wishing to shout their concerns into the void, there will be a DEB Town Hall during the Welcome Party preceding the SCCA Pinewood Derby.


Classes and rules
It is each competitors responsibility to familiarize themselves with the latest Derby rules.

Spec BSA  - last updated 01-07-2019 to close a bunch of loopholes you found.

-Download Spec BSA rules here


-Must pass a TSA security gate inspection
-Must fit in the starting position of the track. 3.5 inches wide by 8 inches long.

Sometimes the DEB has to make rules on the go or things need to be clarified. The DEBtrack is a living document, only editable by the DEB while a official SCCA Pinewood Derby is being conducted. Any person in attendance may make a suggestion to DEBby 1 or 2 during an active official SCCA Pinewood Derby and ask that it be put to a vote. If the DEB feels that is worth a vote, DEBby 1 or 2 will agree to call a vote as soon as possible. Votes may be as formal or informal as the caller sees fit. All suggestions will be entered as one color into a physical copy of the DEBtrack by DEBby 1 or 2 or an authorized representative as it is being discussed with a numerical identifier assigned to it. A response will then be entered in different color as it is decided.

*We've recently received reports of Spec BSA cars not passing TSA gate checks because of the nails they use for axles. If a Unlimited car doesn't pass a gate check because of axles made of nails, the car is still eligible for Unlimited.

Previous DEBtracks