Before the SCCA National Convention starts the SCCA will hosting a FREE open house Thursday, January 16. The philosophy behind the open house is to provide an opportunity for ALL SCCA members to be trained and certified in some of the most critical roles needed to execute SCCA events free of charge!

Open House sessions will include:

Road Rally Safety Steward Training
Michael Bennett
Participants will review highlights of the Road Rally Safety Steward Manual and Checklists for TSD and GTA road rallies. Following the review, participants will complete an “open book” test and receive certification as a Road Rally Safety Steward. This is a 90-minute session.

Region Officer Training
Rick Myers
Covers resources available to Regions, annual filing requirements, Bylaws assessment and officer duties. In addition, we will discuss membership statistics, membership recruitment as well as leadership tips to successfully navigate serving as a Region board member.

RE Training Part II: Demystifying the Roles of SCCA Staff
Chris Robbins, Rick Myers
The SCCA has a small group of employees working in Topeka and around the country, many of whom you’ll never see. Yet, they’re essential to fulfilling our mission for providing a safe, fun, and exciting motorsports experience for our members. Come and find out who they are and how they do it!

Membership Chair Training
Just what does a Membership Chair do..? Find out here!

RallyCross Safety Steward Training
Chris Regan
Training for obtaining or renewing a RallyCross Safety Steward license

Time Trial and Track Event Safety Training
SCCA Staff          

Time Trial and Track Event Coach's Training
SCCA Staff

Time Trial and Track Event Lead Training
SCCA Staff                          

 SCCA Annual Meeting