Bracket Enduro – Quick Facts!

  •      There Are No Illegal Cars
  •      Ease of Entry for New Drivers
  •      Provides a Path to SCCA Licensing
  •      Additional Program / Weekend Flexibility
  •      Relaxed Atmosphere
  •      Easy Implementation

No Illegal Cars

Because cars are running against a specific target time rather than a set of preparation rules, pretty much any vehicle based on a street car can race as long as it meets the GCR safety minimums.  There is a “cap” on lap times (roughly what an ITR car can run), so Z-06’s, Vipers, and Porsche GT-3’s will not dominate. The goal is to bring out current and older club race cars which fit a wide performance envelope. We don’t care about specific modifications.

Minimal Hassle for New Drivers

No SCCA membership or physical is required. This is your chance to show drivers who have run with other clubs that the SCCA is the best driving club in the country. Show 'em your best!

Path to an SCCA Competition License

Currently, because there is no driver tracking, drivers have no way to transition from LeMons, ChumpCar, etc. racing.  In many cases, drivers have expressed wishes to race elsewhere, but no one will acknowledge their experience. Bracket Enduro can make that happen and open doors for drivers to move on to sprint races, time trials, hill climbs and other SCCA sanctioned sports.

In addition, the Bracket Enduro can act as a fulfillment for the Alternate Drivers School requirement leaving only 3 races for a full Competition License (assuming you get drivers in car for at least 3 hours).  At the Thompson Bracket Enduro, we had more than 14 drivers signed off as having fulfilled their ADS requirement.  That's a lot of new SCCA racers!

Program Flexibility

Endurance Racing!  There is a huge group of people around the country who want to go road racing, but need to economize their efforts to make it happen.  Joining up with 2-3 (or more) of their buddies is the answer.  It casts a very wide net for people who just want to share the costs and maximize track time.

Sprints!  Bracket Enduros are run under the Club Race Experience (CRE) umbrella.  This is a set of rules that allow all of the above to happen without the traditional requirements in a club race weekend (i.e. - strict GCR requirements).  If your region doesn't want to run an Endurance event, then run a sprint race, or run a multi-segmented race, or do a traditional drivers school / practice day on Saturday then a Bracket Event on Sunday, or hold a Bracket Enduro on Saturday and a one-day Regional on Sunday.  The official format doesn't matter!!!  We just want to lower the barrier of entry for people to come race with the SCCA.

Relaxed Atmosphere 

Unlike "serious" class racing that you might do on a given weekend points race drivers, workers and organizers can have a much more relaxed weekend without worrying about protests or illegal cars.  This isn't to say that we don't take things like safety 100% serious.  Off-course excursions, over-aggressive driving, and metal-to-metal contact will result in penalties, but this format allows us to focus on making sure everyone gets through the weekend safely while having a great time.  As a recruitment tool for your region and SCCA, this will make your job easier. 

Ease of Operation

The National Office provides the timing and scoring equipment; your region provides the workers.  This means your region doesn't need to have a full-fledged race program.  National Staff will bring the specialized equipment you need to run the race and just like in any club race or National Solo event, bring in workers from other regions who want to be a part of the experience and help train your region. Otherwise, the National representation is just there for marketing and timing support. You can manage the weekend just like you would a normal race weekend.

Easy Sanctioning

Sanctioning and insurance are handled the same as any other club race weekend. No additional fees. We want to make this profitable for you, so expect the same thing you normally do during any other weekend.

Contact Information

Dick Patullo -

Bracket Enduro Program Manager