These strategies, guidelines, and information are in concert with the SCCA COVID-19 Event Guidelines posted on the SCCA website.

Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department has issued a Directed Health Measure that includes a mask mandate for indoor areas where social distancing cannot be maintained. We ask entrants to adhere to this as they go out into the Lincoln community.

We also ask that you meet your fellow competitors where they are with regard to mask usage on site. If you interact with someone who is wearing a mask, please go ahead and do so as well.

  1. Core Strategies:
    1. Social/Physical Distancing
    2. PPE: have a mask available
    3. Sanitizing
    4. Minimize Contact
    5. Communication
  2. SCCA COVID-19 Guidelines:
  3. Competitor Pre-Event Preparation
    1. If you have symptoms, PLEASE STAY HOME to protect the Solo Community!!
    2. Review this document and the SCCA COVID-19 Guidelines
    3. If possible, bring your own PPE (mask, sanitizer, etc.)
    4. Bring your own food and water. Community water coolers will not be provided.
    5. Bring a helmet; loaner helmets will NOT be available
    6. If there is a change to your registration, make it in advance to avoid lines on site. Changes can be made online until online registration closes. After that, changes should be emailed to Nikki Edwards at
    7. To help minimize contact at the event, please sign up before the event for the SCCA Annual Waiver at OR be sure to sign up for the Speedwaiver when you register for the event or receive the event email.
  4. General Guidelines and Information:
    1. The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department issued a mask mandate that went into effect on August 26, 2021. You can read the mandate in its entirety here. It requires all individuals ages two and older – regardless of vaccination status – to wear a mask when they are in an indoor space unless six feet of separation from others at all times can be achieved.
    2. Do NOT enter the T&S trailer unless asked; everyone must wear a mask in the trailer
    3. As you interact, if you meet someone who is wearing a mask, please also put your mask on while speaking with them.
  5. Operational Guidelines and Information:
    1. Registration Check-in will be at the Check-In Tent at the designated times; workers will have PPE available.
    2. Tech Inspection will be a self-inspection of the competitor’s vehicle, using the Self-Tech Inspection form provided at Registration. More info below.
    3. Worker Check-in will be signaled by a raised flag at the course posting tent. Worker sheets will be posted online after final check-in has closed for the respective run days, so competitors are able to verify that work positions did not change (due to cancellations/class changes). Course workers will check-in at the posting tent, Specialty workers will check-in at their designated area with the Chief, i.e., Impound, Grid, Timing, etc.
    4. T&S Workers inside the trailer will always wear masks. Surfaces and tools may be sanitized between each work session.
  6. CV19 Related Materials and Supplies provided by SCCA for staff, field staff, and workers:
    1. Masks, Face Shields
    2. Sanitizer and dispensers
    3. Signage
  7. SCCA Annual Waiver Information
    1. Directions: go to - Member Resources - File Cabinet – Waivers – Annual Waiver Adult 1306 & Print form
    2. Upload your completed Annual Waiver at My Profile – My Documents – Add Document button
  8. E-Waiver Information:
    1. We are now accepting E-Waivers at National events.
    2. Go to the Event page, click on the link on the link for Mobile Speed Waiver (located under the Event information heading on the right side of the web page.
    3. You will also receive an email with a link to sign the E-Waiver for the weekend.
    4. This waiver will be used in lieu of signing a paper waiver (but does not take the place of any required track waivers).
    5. Waiver is good for Event Dates only, a new E-Waiver will have to be completed for each event.
    6. Wristbands must still be worn to show that you have signed the waiver.
  9. Check-in Procedure: The check-in procedure below will be used to minimize contact between drivers and event workers by expediting and decentralizing the process.
    1. Your Self-Tech Inspection form will be provided to you at check-in. It will be prefilled with your registration information.
    2. Check-in lines will be set up by last name to receive pre-printed tech form.
    3. If you are a ProSolo Competitor, you will only have to take your car through tech once, but you will have to check-in again for Solo Nationals.
    4. Once check-in is closed on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, a finalized worker sheet will be posted online to the Event Page (approx 7:50 am). Please check there to verify that your work assignment has not changed due to class changes, cancellations, etc.  Any work assignments that have changed will be highlighted in grey.
  10. Tech Inspection Procedure: The self-tech inspection procedure below will be used to minimize contact between drivers and event workers by expediting and decentralizing the process.
    1. A Chief Technical Inspector (CTI) will be appointed as per the National Solo Rules, Section 5.6. The role of the CTI will be to oversee the process and if needed conduct additional inspections of vehicles.
    2. A pre-printed Self-Tech Inspection form will be provided at the Registration Tent for EACH DRIVER.
    3. The driver will complete the form by conducting a self-tech of their vehicle when parked in the paddock, warranting that their car is compliant with the SCCA Solo Rules. If there are two or more drivers using the vehicle, a completed form is needed for each driver.
    4. While still in the paddock, the class designation and numbers will be placed on the vehicle. If the driver has them at this time, also place on the vehicle any SCCA required decals and appropriate contingency decals. SCCA required decals and some contingency decals are available at Registration.
    5. When the above is completed, the driver takes the vehicle AND their helmet to Tech Inspection, staying in the car while there.
    6. The driver gives their Self-Tech Inspection form to the CTI, or their designee, and shows them their helmet, again, staying in the car.
    7. The car will receive a quick review for numbers and class letters, plus any obvious mechanical issues.
    8. If anything is amiss you will return to paddock to make corrections before receiving the signed tech sticker and the 2021 Solo Nationals event decal.