2020 FUN

Just because official con activities are done for the day doesn't mean that you are too. Over the years several official and unofficial recurring activities have sprouted up. We'll be posting them as they become loosely organized with details on how to attend. We'll also be posting a list of fun activities going on in the area.

Do you have a party plan or idea? Message Rick Myers (rmyers@scca.com) and let him know. We'll get it posted here right away!


Make your way to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Sunday, January 19, for some winter-time Autocross with Las Vegas Region, SCCA. Flying in and need a ride? Reach out to local members on their Facebook Group so see who has a free seat. They also have two rental car classes, Rental Front Wheel Drive and Rental Rear Wheel Drive. Register Here!


Pinewood Derby

The Pinewood Derby is coming back for 2020. Two classes will be available, Spec BSA and Unlimited. For additional details and rules, click here.

Evening Karting

A group of Staff and Members have made it a tradition to head out Friday Night to get some sessions in at Pole Position Raceway. We're currently planning on each participant getting one qualifying session and two races in with an estimated cost of $70. Do you have what it takes to be the National Convention Champ??


Who's ready to bring home the big bucks at the South Point Casio Bingo Hall? It's easy to get into and not hard to find several members having fun in groups. I heard a certain member won enough to pay for a new set of wheels...

Welcome Party

Following the Annual meeting on Thursday night, the National Convention Welcome Party is the first of many official social engagements. Expect several appetizers(did I hear sliders??) and South Point bartenders to keep things going at the open bars.

Hosted Lunches

Don't worry about wandering the South Point property and sitting in lines hoping you'll get back from the lunch break in time for the first afternoon session. The SCCA National Convention will have a hosted lunch both Friday and Saturday. Don't expect the silly-soda at these social engagements, we still got some learning to do! Meals is included in your General admission.

Hall of Fame Cocktail Party

Following the Leadership Summit Final Session and before the SCCA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, We'll be having our last hurrah with the pre-ceremony cocktail party. So put on those nice heels and shoe-horn on those Blue Suede shoes because this is the last time for you to talk to that special somebody. Did we mention there's open bars during the cocktail party? Drinks are on you during the Banquet.