Join the the SCCA Marketing and Experiential team, Sunday, January 19, to go deep into what they know best with personalized training to bring you up to speed on Marketing and Experiential strategies and skills.


Problem “I always come to convention, but I never really ever learn how to do the things that are talked about”

Solution: Marketing Bootcamp-

  • This is the lab that follows the Friday/Saturday lectures
  • Bring your laptop and get step by step guidance on social media, web and email processes
  • 1:1 time and small group conversations with presenters and subject matter experts



Driver Meeting Deep Dive- get the drivers’ meeting right and the rest comes to you

  • How to perfect your drivers’ meetings
  • Chance to present, workshop, and develop your drivers’ meeting game
  • Open to all leaders from all programs


Event walk through- key steps to make sure you deliver a great event

  • Step by step walk through of an event
  • Focused time on setting up for success, challenges, dealing with the unexpected
  • Emphasis on TT/TE- some content will translate to other programs