The Leadership Academy brings the best minds from across the club to teach our members everything they can in becoming better leaders, creating stronger Regions, and executing more successful events (Convention Program Final Spreads Schedules ).

Sessions will cover the following topics and more:

GIS, CAD and GPS Tools for Autocross Design and Setup 101
Chad Halverson
Learn the procedures for creating venue site maps in CAD using aerial imagery and other GIS data. The site maps can then be used for autocross course design, distributing course maps, and setup. These maps are maintained in real-world coordinates, so that affordable GPS equipment can be used by a club to accurately layout the course on site. GPS can also be used to survey site features such as potholes, manholes, striping, etc.

Solo Course Design 101
Michael Feldpusch
Beginner Course design seminar for SCCA members whom are looking to design autocross courses and/or have been designing courses for less than 2 years. This class will cover fundamentals of course design along with requirements set in place from SCCA Solo Rulebook. In addition, extensive information on Autocross Safety guidelines when designing a course.

Solo Course Design 201
Michael Feldpusch
Thinking outside the box... a different approach or mental awareness of designing courses. Tricks to make the courses fun for all classes. How to evaluate previous courses designed and/or driven, and how to take mistakes and turn them into learning experiences for future autocross courses. There will be some video evaluations from 2019 Solo Nationals, of both the East and West Courses.

Solo Site Acquisition
Jeff Jacobs
Helpful tips and strategies on how to find and acquire new Solo sites.

Solo Town Hall
The state of SCCA Solo and its future.

Solo is a Team Sport
Jennifer Bedell
Everybody wants to be faster, but after all the schools and practices and events, you still aren't seeing the results you want.  What's an autocrosser to do? Jennifer and Chris will present the benefits of taking a team approach to Solo to achieve specific goals with special emphasis on data collection and application.

The Solo Cookbook-Don't Reinvent Your Solo Program Every Few Years
Mark Pilson
We have a wonderful tool that has been updated in the last few months that will help your region maintain or improve their Solo Program.  This document provides guidelines how to define key roles, acquire sites, handle the admin side, run an event, and provide insights on additional to programs to improve the “experience” of your Solo participants.

So You Want to Improve Your Driving By Using Data?
Anthony Porta
Do you use video but are apprehensive about moving to data? Do you use data but are unsure of how to make it effective? This presentation will walk you through setting up data using Solostorm and how to develop a process to effectively derive meaningful feedback from your data. You will develop tools to create specific and achievable goals that you can use in between runs, both during local and national events. Finally, the presentation will showcase the power of using data overlay on top of video to further identify areas of personal improvement.

Peak Performance Driving
Deanne Carter
In this experiential session, we'll explore key difference between male and female brains and how to maximize performance on race day for everyone.

The SCCA Basics
James Cahill
I often see members have no idea how SCCA "works". Even locally, some region leadership doesn't understand. This will be a "basics" session. How the National office is structured, who does what, main points of contact, how to get things done as a Region leader, and what's required of you.

Introduction to Stress Management: How to deal with that incident
Stephen Hyatt
How event leadership deal with the stress of an incident and the emotional aftermath

Tiny Habits to Get Big Results
Ty Nichols
The science of habits/behaviors and how they are formed Testimonials of the importance of controlling habits and how they breed success; engaging dialogue around every day activities to high performance metrics. Several Science based strategies on how to build new productive habits and break bad habits

Momentum Goal Setting
Philip Williams
Philip will help every leader in the audience: • Understand how to build the self-belief of every person on their team • Understand the process for creating momentum in their organization • Identify and create the moment where every person on their team realizes that they are a truly high-performing team • Identify the processes at every level in the business that deliver their best performances so they can be repeated • Learn the communication style that moves a team to focus on their winning processes rather than the numbers The audience can expect to leave with an understanding of what it takes to get each person on their team to believe they can be successful and play an active role in the company’s vision. This in turn will build lasting momentum in the business.

It All Starts with Respect
Chris Robbins
Since 1944, the SCCA has existed to provide a place for auto enthusiasts and motorsports fans to come together and enjoy a shared passion. Many have said, “I came for the cars but I stayed for the people. While the overwhelming majority of SCCA members enjoy the Club and what it offers – including camaraderie, fellowship and connection to others with a shared passion – there are a few members whose inappropriate behaviors can create an unwelcoming environment and greater risks we must address. We’re raising expectations and it starts with respect.

The Energy Bus Part I
Jeff Luckritz
Looking to bring energy and enthusiasm into your region? We'll start with the basics of becoming a better leader by identifying some of the characteristics it takes to become a positive and caring leader whether it's being a RE, Steward or Program Chair. This is a repeat session from last year.

The Energy Bus Part II
Jeff Luckritz
Now it's time to get our hands dirty. We'll guide you through a group discussion and give you specific tools to become a better leader. Be sure to a positive outlook and a pen because you will want to take some notes back to your home region.

Building Trust
Deanne Carter
Building trust at the regional and membership level to improve innovation, collaboration, creative thinking and productivity for a cohesive team.

Apply the Strategies You Have Learned this Weekend
Jeff Luckritz
Learn the steps to take to implement the strategies you have learned this weekend. We will help you create habits to become a successful RE, program chair, steward and board members.

Understanding the Realities of Sponsorship
Tim Suddard
From individual readers and autocrossers to event organizers, everyone can learn how to better sell and fulfill sponsorship packages.

#Instagram #Marketing #Seminar
Amy Greenway
How many hashtags are too many? How often should I post? Filters aren’t for oil? How do I communicate in emojis? How do I grow my audience organically? Wait a boomerang isn’t just an Australian toy? Have questions about Instagram? If so, come to this seminar and bring your phone. If not, come any way and Go Live. 

Social Media: Growing the Pool and Casting a Wider Net
Koray Aya
Advanced Social Media training focused in Facebook. Learn simple techniques to grow your influence to those outside your established member & friend list. All techniques discussed will work organically with current efforts made by your club and at no additional cost. Yep - we’re talking free!

So You Want To Be A Writer
Tim Suddard
From club newsletters to national publications and websites, Grassroots Motorsports co-founder, publisher and columnist, Tim Suddard tells you the pitfalls, perks and persistence required to become a writer.

2020 SCCA Digital Marketing Strategy
SCCA Staff
Overview the 2020 Strategy, how it benefits Regions and how Regions can help us help regions.

Email Marketing
Rich Hammond
How to make the best of your emailing efforts!

Regional Marketing 101
SCCA Staff
How, when, where, and why to market your Region.

Growing Your Region w/ Paid Social Media Advertisements (Facebook 201)
Vincent Taibi
This will be an advanced social media presentation focusing on Facebook (and a little Instagram) boosted posts and ad campaigns. Learn to take a dormant Facebook page in increase your following with minimal funds. Effective marketing can lead to an increase participation for all of your events. Topics will include; How to run a boosted post/ad campaign, how to target a selected audience, different types of boosted posts, what works and what doesn't, Tips, tricks and FAQ.

Website 201
SCCA Staff
Building and executing a Region’s web strategy.

Marketing Boot Camp
SCCA Staff
Bring your laptop and get step by step guidance on social media, web and email processes. Will include 1:1 time and small group conversations with presenters and subject matter experts. Will take place on Sunday.

RallyCross - Discoveries for the Pavement Minded
Jim Rowland
You know track and autocross, but are you curious about something a little dirtier? Broaden your horizons - and your region's demographics - by applying your existing skills to a fun new kind of competition. RallyCross participation and hosting essentials for any SCCA background.

RallyCross Town Hall
Open forum for all things RallyCross.

RallyCross Tech and the Future of RallyCross
Steve Hyatt
An overview of tech topics and rule updates for 2020. We’ll also discuss current class structure and potential classes in the future for RallyCross, RallyTrials, and RallySprints.

How to Run an Effective RallyCross Event and School
Effective solutions to making your event as great as possible.

Creative Solutions to Boosting RallyCross Attendance
Mark Macoubrie
Ideas and methods for boosting attendance and running efficient events to keep people coming back.

RallyCross Safety Steward Training
Chris Regan
Training for obtaining or renewing a RallyCross Safety Steward license. Will take place on Thursday during the Open House.

How to Succeed at Awards Without Really Trying
Tim Moravec
WIN STUFF AT THIS PRESENTATION all while learning top secret, common sense keys to a successful awards program + questions you really, really (I'm not kidding!) need to ask and answer about your awards + BONUS: The awards industry is changing rapidly: Trends and Cool (and scary) Stuff in about awards you will want to know about.

SCCA Women on Track in 2020
Linda Duncan
This is the third year of the SCCA Women on Track initiative. This program was designed to encourage more women to try solo events. Our fb page shows women from all SCCA activities are running the WOT decal on their race cars and finding each other at races. This is a great beginning to build our SCCA community! Come hear how women are supporting each other to be casual and challenging drivers.

Arnie Coleman
Learn the "in's" and "out's" of VETMotorsports and how your region can get involved.

Journey to a Budgeting Process
David Moore
When I came on the BOG of the Region, I was surprised that program chiefs just presented their budgets including capital budget requests and they were automatically approved minutes after they were presented without significant review. We were also running significant deficits year to year eating into our operating funds. A year later I became Treasurer and set out on a journey to bring a rational budgeting process to the organization. Since this is a volunteer organization, one cannot just order people to do things but must convince them changes are in the best interest on the organization as well as them. Something like herding cats through a minefield.

Reinventing Your Region
Jim Cantrell
Many of us have had the experience of personal changes and faced having to reinvent ourselves or our career.  How about reinventing a SCCA region?  Jim Cantrell, a well-known entrepreneur & founder of numerous startups management turnaround consultant, racer and SCCA member walks us through the challenges of turning around a dormant SCCA region as a Regional Executive and describes how they creatively solved resource issues and adapted to the changing world around us.

Training Your Replacements
Kevin Carter
As the age of the club is getting greyer what are we doing as the leadership to entice the new blood in our club to step up and become your replacement this comes all the way from region board of directors to Road racing Divisional Administrators to the specialty region chiefs , it even comes down to the Stewards and anyone who has either burnt themselves out or is getting to that age where they either cant or do not want to participate anymore. And what can we as the leaders of the club do to help.

New Member Portal
Aimee Thoennes
Join me on a guided tour of the new member account portal to learn how to manage your membership and licenses online!  This will be an interactive session with time for Q&A as we walk through the site to demonstrate new features.

Resolving Conflict Openly and Constructively
Chris Robbins
High-performing teams can resolve conflict openly and constructively. Why is conflict management important to team performance? Inevitably, teams are made up of members who differ in personal characteristics and experience. Being able to reconcile differences, then—to handle conflict constructively—is a key determinant of team effectiveness. Come to this session and discover how to understand the source of conflicts, your own conflict style, as well as how you can increase your effectiveness on a team and deal constructively with others with different styles.

Region Officer Training
Rick Myers
Covers resources available to Regions, annual filing requirements, Bylaws assessment and officer duties. In addition, we will discuss membership statistics, membership recruitment as well as leadership tips to successfully navigate serving as a Region board member.

RE Training Part II: Demystifying the Roles of the SCCA Staff, Board of Directors, and Volunteer Boards
Chris Robbins, Rick Myers
The SCCA has a small group of employees working in Topeka and around the country, many of whom you’ll never see. Yet, they’re essential to fulfilling our mission for providing a safe, fun, and exciting motorsports experience for our members. But what about the Board of Directors? What about the volunteer Competition Programs Boards? How do they fit in? Come and find out who they are, why they exist and how they do it! Will take place at the Thursday Open House.

Membership Chair Training
What does a Membership Chair actually do..?

Find out here! Will take place at the Thursday Open House.

Creating and Maintaining a Successful "Regional Only" Class
Alan Olson
How a successful Regional Only class can and does operate, why it is successful and how to keep it thriving.

Training the Race Car Driver. Cross Training for Road Course Racing, Ovals and Endurance.
Antonio Squillante
This presentation will cover training strategies to improve fitness for the race car driver. Evidence-based practice will be used to provide guideline and recommendations, from strength training to metabolic conditioning and injury prevention.

Amateur Road Racing Around the Country
James Rogerson, Shellie McKee, Richard Tomlin
This panel discussion will investigate the positives and negatives of SCCA road racing practices and make comparisons to what other groups are doing around the country. The intent to learn share best practices to help improve our road racing product.

Start Bracket Racing in Your Region
Chuck Edmondson, Jeff Luckritz
It takes a little work to implement, but the results are worth it. See how two regions are using Sprint Bracket Racing and Team Bracket Endurance Racing to bring new racers SCCA regional racing.

SEDIV Endurance Series
Jim Creighton
Learn about the endurance series going on in the Southeast Division.

Car Racing: A Family Journey or a Professional Career
Scott Goodyear
Your young driver shows promise behind the wheel of a racing machine. What do you do next? Is he/she serious enough to make a life commitment to chase their dream? Is it their dream...or yours?

Regional Racing Panel: Best Practices
Bob Crawford, Paul McBride, Don Johnson
A lively and informative discussion of best practices, solutions and innovative ideas for running successful regional road racing events.

Road Racing Town Hall

SCCAs role in eMotorsport
Blair Diffenbaugh
eMotorsport is a growing arena, with iRacing, Forza, Gran Turismo, and even Assetto Corsa becoming more mainstream, more and more people are racing. How does SCCA fit into this new digital landscape? Whether its for practice, for hobby, or for profession, the access to eMotorsports is unparalleled. We’ll talk about what SCCA with digital racing, how your region can play too, and what it could mean to your members.

B Engaged: How to Increase Class Participation in Road Racing
Frank Schwartz
The BSpec racing class has been small and not grown as anticipated since its inception in 2012.  For 2019 a plan was developed and implemented to double the size of the 2018 runoffs turnout.  The lessons learned and the templates developed can be used for any class or region to grow attendance and involvement of the target audience.

Road Rally Town Hall
Public forum to discuss issues related to the SCCA Road Rally program.  Members of the Road Rally Board will be in attendance.

Road Rally Safety Steward Training
Michael Bennett
Participants will review highlights of the Road Rally Safety Steward Manual and Checklists for TSD and GTA road rallies. Following the review, participants will complete an “open book” test and receive certification as a Road Rally Safety Steward. This is a 90-minute session. (90 minutes)

Road Rally: Automated Checkpoint Timing
Rich Bireta
An exciting new option is now available for timing and scoring road rally events.  The need for digital clocks, checkpoint equipment, and checkpoint workers is completely eliminated.  Contestants are notified immediately of their leg score.  Come hear the basics and tips for getting started with this new system.

Social Road Rally
Ken McElroy
Instructions for setting up a Social Road Rally. This class will take you step by step through the process and will give you a check list to follow. This class will also introduce you to all of the forms that you will need and when they are due. This class is designed for regions who would like to set up a social rally program as a source of income and for recruiting new members.

Introduction to Time-Speed-Distance Rallying
Peter Schneider
Learn how to organize a fun Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) car rally for your Region.  TSD car rallies are the lowest cost motorsport event that you can add to your Region's calendar.  Since they require 2 people per car, they are a great way for your members to participate with a friend or partner.

Increase attendance at your Road Rally 
Jim Crittenden
Want more contestants at your Road Rally?  Learn the no cost ways to promote your event and bring in as many cars as you can handle.

Hosting a Rally Trek 
Wendy Harrison
Introducing SCCA's newest event - the Rally Trek.  This purely social, non-competitive event brings people and their cars together for a fun drive in the country.  Easy to organize, Treks will be a great addition to your Region's social scene.


Time Trial and Track Event Direction
SCCA Staff
The purpose and placement of these programs, looking out 5 years, including Track Night in America.

Time Trial National Tour
SCCA Staff
What we have learned- presentation of lessons and learnings from 2019 TTNT season and how this can benefit Regions.

Time Attack 201
SCCA Staff
Building and executing a Regional Time Attack Program

You Have to Be Crazy to NOT Put on a Track Event
Charles Tanck
How to get started in putting on a track event.  Finger Lakes Regions' journey to get there.  In the end it was a great experience and fun.

TrackSprint Success Story
Erik Vandermay
TrackSprint is an exciting blend of autocross style timing and scoring using a segment of an existing racetrack. There are no cones placed on the track – we run it as is with a standing start at pit-out and a flying finish approximately 2/3rd of the way around the course. Driver's love it; come see why.


Track Event and Time Trials Town Hall
Heyward Wagner, Jon Krolewicz, John Burchardt
Q&A about direction of TT and TT Competition Rules                      

Time Trials and Track Event Boot Camp
SCCA Staff
2-hour workshop on Drivers Meetings for all interested parties. TT/TE Mock Event- 2-hour modeling session to walk through and event and model strategies for dealing with event elements and challenges. Will take place on Sunday.

Road Race Tech 201
Alan Garside
Review process of completing annual tech inspection with review of new form available to complete the inspection with. Review of compliance issue from the 2019 Runoffs. Followed by a round table discussion if time allows.

Radios: Analog vs Digital | VHF vs. UHF
Edgar Martinez
Migration from an older analog VHF radio system to a digital UHF system and why. Technology overview, lessons learned, standards, best practices, recommendations, and real-world examples.

Registration: To Waiver or Not Waiver and other Fun Facts
Susan Green, Velma Boreen
Proper waiver execution and new policies regarding Weekend memberships and how it impacts your events. Pros and cons of wristbands and where to wear them, or do we need another type of credentialing? We will have an open discussion on all the facets of the registration process.

Timing and Scoring Advances
Balton Aulls
Going over advances from MYLAPS that SCCA members could benefit from.

MSR - 2019 Recap and 2020 Roadmap
Brian Ghidnelli
See what has changed in MSR and what you can changes you can expect for 2020.

Green Flag Racing Philosophy
Wayne Armbrust, Charlie Campbell
Developing the concept to ease F&C and Operating Steward control on the ability to provide Green Flag track time. Looking at existing ways to minimize disruptions to Green Flag qualifying and competition laps.  

Time Trial and Track Event Safety Training
SCCA Staff
Part of Thursday Open House.

Time Trial and Track Event Coach's Training
SCCA Staff
Part of Thursday Open House.

Time Trial and Track Event Lead Training
SCCA Staff
Part of Thursday Open House.

Successful Experience with Street Survival
Carla Russo
Growing and keeping the Tire Rack Street Survival program in your region

Getting the Community Experience with Street Survival
Scott Dobler II
Getting the community involved with Street Survival to enhance the experience.

Consistency and Expectations
Fred Brinkel
Drivers and workers move from track to track.  They are looking for and expect consistency in steward behavior and decisions.  Regions expect the stewards to operate in a fair and equitable manner to ensure participants are not driven to other venues thereby negatively impacting their revenues.  Setting the appropriate expectations and following through in a consistent manner benefits all of our constituencies while improving our working relationship with each.

Safety Steward Guidelines
Dan Miklovic
This session will provide an overview of the newly (fall 2019) Safety Stewards Guidelines in the File Cabinet and the supporting PowerPoint presentations that Divisional Training Stewards can use to develop a Safety Steward training session for their own Division.  About 50% of the content of this session is on new material in the Guidelines and PowerPoints, 25% review of important but unchanged information for Safety Stewards and 25% on how to use the PowerPoints to develop custom training for your Division.

Penalty Guidelines with PB&J
Ken Patterson, Ken Blackburn, Jim Rogaski
The Road Racing Steward's organization has a set of penalty guidelines to be followed when taking actions against participants. The guidelines were developed to bring consistency to the Road Racing Program. This presentation will include the review, explanation and discussion of these guidelines. The format of the presentation will allow for open discussion and feedback with the audience. We encourage all interested members to attend.

Analyzing Video Evidence Part I
Tim Mayer
Lessons on how to review video evidence.

Analyzing Video Evidence Part 2
Tim Mayer