2019 SCCA HillClimb and Time Trials Licensing

As you might have seen, there are new licensing procedures and designations on your SCCA Membership Card which may raise some questions. Since we have been getting a lot of these, we have created the FAQ below.

Why does my license say, “Intermediate Time Trials Driver” when before it said, “Time Trials Driver,” did I get a demotion?

Nope, you didn't get a demotion, but we have added a couple of levels above the previous highest SCCA Time Trials License. Before this year the highest license – “TT Driver” only designated those who had experience driving at speed but did not designate those drivers who had experience in traffic. Because the new National Time Trials Program incorporates multiple lap sessions and on-track passing, a licensing system inclusive of many different experience levels was necessary.


The new licensing system designates each set of participants in more detail.

Novice: Drivers who are new or have limited experience.

Intermediate: Drivers who have a fair bit of experience and can handle traffic and passing anywhere on a track with point-bys.

Advanced: Drivers who have demonstrated experience on track passing without point-bys.

Pro: Drivers who have participated and been approved by organizers of pro-level “Time Attack” events.

Because of the differences in traffic and flags between Time Trials and HillClimb, the SCCA has severed the two licensing systems. Now we have the Time Trials Licenses listed above and "HillClimb Novice" and "HillClimb Driver" licenses.

In the changeover, because we have no national database of those who might have experience passing without point-by, everyone with a “TT Driver” defaulted to “Time Trials Intermediate” as it’s better and safer to be more conservative and let each participant work with their local officials and event organizers to find the best fit and be assigned the other licenses as appropriate.



What if I just want to do HillClimbs?

The SCCA HillClimb rules allow for any driver with a valid state driver’s license and either a Time Trials Driver’s License (Novice, Intermediate or Advanced), HillClimb License, SCCA Competition License or other accepted competition license to drive in a HillClimb.

Note: Regions may limit events to more than the “minimum” requirements, you may need to get the specific HillClimb License – check the event or series Supplemental Regulations to make sure.



How do I get my “HillClimb License?”

If you are an SCCA member and want your HillClimb license but have no HillClimb experience or none of the licenses listed below, all you need to do is call the SCCA at 1-800-770-2055 and request a Novice HillClimb License from membership.

If you have an SCCA Competition License or a Time Trials Intermediate or Pro License you can call membership and request a "HillClimb Driver" license. There is no charge for these licenses. 



I used to have to turn in a Medical Form, do I still have to do that?

There is no more National requirement for a medical form for your Time Trials or HillClimb Licenses. Each time you enter you will be asked if you can handle the stress and physical demands of an event listed at this link: Time Trials and HillClimb Physical Fitness Requirements.

Note: Even though the SCCA National Office does not require a medical form from drivers, individual events still may chose to. Check registration requirements and the Supplemental Regulations for events to see if medical forms are needed.



What if I am brand new and I only want to pursue a HillClimb License?

You may either work your way up through the Time Trials Program or get issued a “Driver Participation Log” at your first  HillClimb event. The logbook has spaces in it to keep track of your first events and once you participate in three with a satisfactory sign-off from officials, you can use that to apply and get your HillClimb Driver License. 



I already had a Novice License, and still have the Logbook, what do I do?

You can still use that logbook and the requirements to apply for your HillClimb License. It’s an old book, but it checks out.



If I do HillClimbs, can I earn my Time Trials Driver License?

Any SCCA Member with a valid state driver’s license may get a Time Trials Novice License just by asking. Drivers with the Time Trials Novice License will be able to participate at Time Trials events which accept novice or inexperienced drivers. Upgrading to a Time Trials Intermediate or Advanced License will require demonstrating satisfactory performance in multiple Time Trials Events or Track Events with passing procedures equal to the license grade to be assigned. Because HillClimb does not include the full set of motorsports flags nor does it have passing – HillClimb experience will not fully count to a Time Trials Intermediate or Advanced License.



My HillClimb group is going to run a Time Trials event – do I need another license?

Ultimately it depends on what licenses the organizers decide to accept, which should be listed in event information or the Supplemental Regulations. If the event has passing everywhere on track with a point-by or passing on track without a point-by then organizers should require the Time Trials Intermediate or Advanced License. If the event only has Point-by passing on straights or is a “TrackSprint” format, then organizers may accept the HillClimb Licenses or Time Trials Novice License as sufficient.



What is a “TrackSprint?”

A “TrackSprint” is a point-to-point competition on a track. This means you start in one place and finish in another, but do not run an entire lap or full sessions with multiple back-to-back laps. It could be thought of as a, “HillClimb on a racetrack.” Some places may call these track crosses, but we did not want to create mental images of cones and autocross or rallycross when we named it. 



What if I show up at an event without a License? Can I get one on site and still compete?

This will depend on the host region, but the SCCA rules have set it up so that a region can allow a driver to participate by assigning a license based on experience at the event – essentially if a driver participates it can be considered the initial request for at least a Novice License.



If you have any more questions, please email and ask us by clicking here.