- Photo Vendors

A limited number of photo vests for the 2018 SCCA Runoffs will be made available to professional photographers working on behalf of teams/drivers. These photo vests will be distributed to professional photographers possessing previous experience shooting trackside at motorsport events. The cost of a photo vendor license is $200 per individual and is dependent upon review and approval by SCCA.

Photo vendor requests must be submitted by Monday, Oct. 8 at 5 p.m. Pacific Time to SCCA Communications Mng. Jim Llewellyn at JimL@scca.com.  Requests must include:

- Full name
- Phone number
- Email address
- Team(s)/Driver(s) working for during Runoffs
- Description of professional racing photography experience
- Examples of work

After review, photographers will be notified as to the approval/denial of requests and instruction for payment.