About Group

A group dedicated to those with interest in rallyx/autox/road rally/hill climb. Looking to setup events, follow events and post about what your running. No judgement, even the smallest displacement can pull down the largest v8 on a back road so let’s stay civil, besides if we roll over, we need each other to get back up lol. Let the post begin! Have fun!!

  • Charles K.

    hello all! A little about me, I’m 30 with a wonderful wife and 2 amazing kids, my car is one you wouldn’t expect to do what it does. It’s a 2016 VW Jetta s with a 1.4 turbo making 150hp and 184tq factory. At the moment it’s not so stock but it’s not a super car lol

    mods are:

    cts turbo upper engine mount

    ECS poly transmission mount insert

    powerflex torque mount insert

    ECS short throw shifter

    intake made from spares

    plan to do more with it in the future but want to run a few races to see my weak spots