• Ryan Finch

    Pro Solo Finale


    It'd be really nice if motorsportsreg.com would work.... Yea, kinda want to register for this little event. 

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    • Brian

      Ryan, I apologize for the awful performance last night when Pro Solo registration opened.  We didn't live up to our standards - it's already frustrating enough to have to pound the keyboard just hoping to get a seat and then we cause extra anxiety by having problems.  Definitely not our best hour. :(   I believe we have a handle on what caused the issue and we're working to verify it so we're ready when registration continues. If there's anything I can do or you just want to vent, please message me here.  



    • Brian

      Keith - that part the other Brian (Harmer) will have to answer.  We're working with them now to figure out next steps and they'll notify ASAP.

    • Keith P Casey


      Can you fill us in on how eligibility will be handled? With 350+ people eligible, and a 260 cap, what happens should that 260 limit be met and/or exceeded? Is it "1st come 1st serve" or do you use 20.10.A.3.a "Criteria" in order, i.e., all those that register that meet 20.10.A.3.a.1 1st (top 3 in points in class), then all those that meet 20.10.A.3.a.2 second (25 points or more), and then fill in the rest with 20.10.A.3.a.3 (3+ events)? The internet is ablaze with questions should that cap be reached. :)


      Keith Casey - NER