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This is a new camera we're testing this weekend.
looks good
Camera is good compared to no camera. Only watched SM Sat. and car were distorted so bad one couldn't read the car numbers. Will watch SM today and report observations.
Any idea what happened to Drago?!
He pulled into impound. I will find out when I go down to interview the winner.
Much appreciated.
Drago had an alternator issue that he suspected could cause catastrophic engine failure. He didn't think it would survive with how many laps remained so he brought it in.
Nathas group is next yeah?
Can she run him down?!?!?!
This isn't a points race for her as it is
It will really depend on how the traffic falls when they come around to lap the slower cars
It that cam pointed at turn 1?
turn 3
ah ok
They're starting to catch the lap traffic
Pettiford still in a Vette?
Running a Vette in T1
Wow natha just did a 30 second lap time lol
They're having some trouble with her transponder so I wouldn't take that time as gospel
yeah i figured as much
25 laps or 40 mins?
28 laps or 35 minutes
Thank you!
There's about a 10 second gap between the T2 leaders
Yeah... She is running faster (atm) but not enough time left.
Been fun!
Safe trip home hun!
Thanks Tony!