Sports Car Club of America

2012 ProSolo Finale Supps

SEPT 1-2, 2012
Hosted by the National Field Staff
Run/Work Schedule
Classes Running                                                                      will work
Shift A     Group 1        STC, STX, STU, AS                                          Shift C
    Group 2        RT, HS, ES, JA, JB
Shift B     Group 3        L1, STS, BS                                                     Shift D
    Group 4        SS, SSM, GS, FS, DS, CS, STF            , B2                                                                                      
Shift C     Group 5        STR, SM                                                           Shift A
    Group 6        R2, R1, ESP                                                    
Shift D     Group 7        L3, DSP, CSP, ASP, SSP                                 Shift B
    Group 8        L2, KM, FSP, BSP, SMF, B1                            

2 - 4 pm
Express check in (no changes)
Site open
2 - 6 pm
SCCA Practice Starts, course closed
7 - 7:30 am
Late Check-in/Tech
(ticket sales end approx 5pm)
Pre-registered entrants only
3 - 7 pm
Tech Inspection
8:30 am
Course closed for walking
4 - 7 pm
Mandatory check-in
8:40 am
Group 1 & 2 to Grid
(no new entries)
8:40 am         Worker Checkin
9 am
First Car off
5:30-7:30 pm
Welcome Party
6 - 7:30 pm
Course Open for walking
Site open
7 pm
Chiefs Meeting
7:30 am
Course closed for walking
7:40 am
Group 1 & 2 to Grid
7:40 am
Worker check-in for Sunday A.M.
8:00 am
First Car off
1:00 pm
Ladies Challenge
Bonus Challenge
Super Challenge
Followed by Awards Presentation



VP of Rally/Solo: Howard Duncan                                        
Chief of T & S: Robert Chrismas
Operations Manager: Sandi Brown  
Equipment Manager: Clancy Schmidt
Chief of Compliance: Grady Wood   
Rally/Solo Tech Mgr: Doug Gill        
Chief Steward: Jeff Jacobs
Chief of Impound: Nathan Whipple
Course Design: Brian Harmer  
Chief of Waivers  Mackela Walker
Chief of Course:Mark & Lisa Valera
Youth Steward: Mike McClintock
Chief of Safety: Cal Craner
Sound Steward: Mike Simanyi
Chief of Workers: Holly Schwedler/Tom OGorman

Supplemental Rules:


A. Competitors are responsible for understanding and following the rules and procedures in the 2012 Solo Rule Book including the 2012 ProSolo rules, as well as these Event Supplemental Regulations, Series Supplemental Regulations and any posted "driver notices". While competitors are responsible for knowing all the rules and regulations, special attention should be given to the sections regarding class fillers, grid/stage/start procedures, reruns, “time out delays”, minimum weights and T&S procedures.

B.   Children and pets are allowed anywhere on the event site EXCEPT during active competition. During active competition, children under 12 are not allowed in the grid, staging and course areas, unless they are Formula Junior competitors. 

C.   The Tire Rack® is the title sponsor for SCCA National Solo 2012, which includes the ProSolo Finale, as well as the Solo National Tour and the National Championship at Lincoln. Participants in these events are required to run the title sponsor decal, which is a windshield decal that is to be used at the top of the windshield. Vehicles without windshields or with plastic windshields may place the decal on the front of the car in a highly visible location approved by the Chief of Compliance. Decals other than the official Tire Rack decal, except those required by ProSolo Officials, are prohibited on the windshield. If you have special conditions requiring a possible alternate application, see the Chief Steward.

D.   Trophies will be awarded on Sunday after Challenge competition. They will not be mailed. If you leave the event early, please ask someone to pick up your trophy.

E.   No Class changes allowed after 8 a.m. on Saturday. If a class has less than five (5) drivers checked in by the scheduled close of registration or if an additional pre-registered driver(s) arrives after the class begins competition on Saturday a.m. the class will be bumped as per the rules.

F.   Competitors coming to the line with the wrong number on their car or with two sets of numbers or class designators showing will be DSQ’d for that run.

G.  Competitors coming to the line with two or more barcodes showing on their helmets will be DSQ’d for that run.

H.    Sound Policy – See Generic Tour Supplemental Rules, section G, posted at the Lincoln Drivers’ Center. Summary:

            a. Sound reading of 97 to 100 dBA; driver will receive a warning from the Chief Steward or his representative

            b. First violation of 100 dBA limit; requires a verified attempt to reduce the sound level before their next run

         c. “Second Chance run” violation of 100 dBA; requires a different verified attempt to reduce the sound level

         d. “Third/Last Chance run”; If the limit is exceeded the run will be scored a DNF

I. The scanner will check the helmet tech sticker “(Solo 2012)”, if your helmet does not have the proper sticker you will be asked to exit the stage lane. See Pro Solo Rule 20.10.G.14 for rejoining your grid “partner”.

Local Rules:

A.   Speed limit of 12 mph in the paddock, pre-grid, and grid.

B.   No tire warm-ups anywhere on the site, except in the designated start area (green cones).

C.    Trash must be properly disposed of (receptacles will be provided).

D.    For the protection of all, drivers must always operate their vehicle in a safe manner, particularly upon exiting the course. Driving in an unsafe manner, observed by an Event Official, will be handled with severity by the Chief Steward. Such actions are NOT protestable.

E.      Overnight camping is available at the Lincoln Airpark in the paddock area. Cost is $50.00