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Tire Rack® SCCA Solo National Championships
2013- Lincoln Air Park
2012- Lincoln Air Park (40th)
2011- Lincoln Air Park
2010- Lincoln Air Park
2009- Lincoln Air Park
2008- Heartland Park Topeka
2007- Heartland Park Topeka (35th)
2006- Heartland Park Topeka
2005- Forbes Field Topeka
2004- Forbes Field Topeka
2003- Forbes Field Topeka


Tire Rack® SCCA Solo National Tour
 2014- Champ Tours: Dixie, College Station, San Diego, New Jersey, Lincoln, Crows Landing, Packwood, Wilmington, Blytheville                                                                                                            Match Tours: Wilmington, Atlanta, Devens, Rocky Mountain, Peru, Milwaukee, St. George
2013- Champ Tours: Sunbelt, San Diego, Dover, Lincoln, Blytheville, Packwood, Wilmington                                                                                                                                                                             Match Tours: Dixie, Peru, Rocky Mountain, Milwaukee, Devens, St. George
2012- Dixie, Sunbelt, San Diego, Lincoln (Central States), Blytheville (Southern States), Northeast, Packwood (Western States), Colorado, Peru (Northern States), Blytheville (Tri-States), St. Louis (Road Tour)


2011- Dixie, Houston, San Diego, Atlanta, Lincoln, Delaware, Blytheville (Southern States), Toledo (Northern States), Packwood, Colorado (Mountain States), Blytheville (Tri-States), Nashville (Road Tour)


2010- Dixie, Texas, San Diego, Wendover (Western States), Blytheville (Eastern States), Peru, Finger Lakes, Packwood, Blytheville (Tri-States)


2009- Dixie, San Diego, Houston, Farmington, Blytheville (Eastern States), Finger Lakes, Peru, Packwood, Vail Valley (Western States), Blytheville (Tri-States)


2008- Dixie, San Diego, Ft. Worth, Atlanta, Devens, Peru, Milwaukee, Packwood, Kansas City


2007- Dixie, San Diego, Atwater(CA), Walnut Ridge, Houston, Huntsville, Devens, Peru, Milwaukee, Packwood


2006- Ft. Myers, San Diego, Walnut Ridge, Houston, Atwater (CA), Peru, Devens, Milwaukee, Denver, Packwood


2005- El Paso, San Diego, Walnut Ridge, Houston, Atlanta, Atwater (CA), Toledo, Peru, Devens, Packwood, Denver


2004- Phoenix, Ft. Myers, San Diego, Houston, Atwater (CA), Washington DC, Toledo, Peru, Bremerton (WA)


2003- Ft. Myers, San Diego, Houston, Atwater (CA), Toledo, Washington DC, Peru, Bremerton(WA)


Tire Rack® SCCA ProSolo


ProSolo Records


2013- El Toro, Mineral Wells, New Jersey, Lincoln, Washington DC, Farmington, Blytheville, Packwood, Toledo, Finale
2012- Washington DC, Mineral Wells, El Toro, Lincoln, Blytheville, Packwood, New Mexico, Toledo, Finale


2011- Mineral Wells, El Toro, Blytheville, New Jersey, Lincoln, Oscoda, Rocky Mountain, Packwood, Finale


2010- El Toro, Lincoln, Wendover, Blytheville, Washington DC, Toledo, Packwood, Finale


2009- El Toro, Wendover, Lincoln, Blytheville, Washington DC, Packwood, Toledo, Finale


2008- El Toro, Newport (Single), Atlanta (DoubleCross), Toledo, Finger Lakes, Wendover, Packwood, Finale


2007- El Toro, Walnut Ridge, Washington DC, Atlanta, Finger Lakes, Toledo, Salt Lake City, Packwood, Finale


2006- Fontana, Walnut Ridge, Atwater (CA), Mineral Wells, Peru, Washington DC, Denver, Packwood, Wendover, Finale


2005- Fontana, Atlanta, Atwater (CA), Wendover, Oscoda, Toledo, Finale


2004- Atlanta, San Bernardino, Topeka, Atwater (CA), Farmington, Washington DC, Toledo, Oscoda, Wendover, Peru, Finale