Sports Car Club of America

Championship Tour

The Tire Rack® SCCA Solo® Championship Tour Road to Lincoln takes the Solo Nationals format on the road to various locations around the country. These events average over 275 drivers from a wide geographical area, with most of the competitors coming from nearby states. These drivers come together to get a taste of the "Nationals" experience of competition and camaraderie as these events are presented in a format similar to that found in Lincoln.
Close Competition
The competition at a Championship Tour takes place over two days on two separate courses, like Solo Nationals. The first day, competitors each get three runs or chances to drive one of the courses and on the second day they get three runs on the other course. Like any other Solo competition, runs are timed to 1/1000th of a second and knocking a cone down means a penalty of 2 seconds added to that time. The best times from each course are added together for the final class standings. All classes at Championship Tours are the same, standard Solo classes that you’ll find at Solo Nationals and as defined by the SCCA in the Solo Rulebook.


2014 Championship Tour Series Supplemental Regulations

How to win Solo Triad Award


2014 Dates: 

 March 15-16
 South Georgia Motorsports Park
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 March 29-30
 College Station
 Texas A&M Annex
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 April 5-6
 San Diego
 QualComm Stadium
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 May 3-4
 New Jersey
 MetLife Stadium
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 May 25-26
 Lincoln (Spring Nationals)
 Lincoln Air Park
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 June 14-15
 San Francisco
 Crows Landing Air Facility
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 July 5-6
 Hampton Mills Lumber Plant
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 August 2-3
 Wilmington Airpark
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September 2-5
National Championship
Lincoln, NE
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 October 18-19
 Arkansas Aeroplex
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