SCCA - News Sports Car Club of America Mon, 22 Dec 2014 07:40:02 GMT Spec Miata Rules, Tow Fund Among SCCA December BoD Decisions <p><em><strong>(editor's note:</strong>&nbsp;corrected 12/19 to reflect the actual motion passed in rule 9.1.7.C.3.p regarding Spec Miata inner bushings.)</em><strong><br /> <br /> TOPEKA, Kan. (December 18, 2014) &ndash;</strong> The Sports Car Club of America Board of Directors approved a number of motions during its December meeting related to Club Racing. The list includes news on Spec Miata and the tow fund for Runoffs attendees.</p> <p><span style="line-height: 14px;">Following ongoing meetings with the Spec Miata Group that included members from Mazda, SCCA and NASA, the Board approved changes to the General Competition Rules related to the class for the 2015 season.</span></p> <p>Rule GCR 9.1.7.C.1.f.3, regarding cylinder heads, now reads: &ldquo;The throat area of the port consists of the 90 degree angle at the very bottom of the cast steel valve seat as it transitions to the aluminum casting below. It is permitted to plunge cut the throats in order to correct for core shift that is commonly found in many cylinder heads. The cut must be cylindrical and concentric to the valve guide axial centerline, within a tolerance of .005&rdquo;, for the entire length of the cut. The radius tangent to the cylindrical and bottom surfaces shall not exceed 0.375&quot;. This cut cannot extend further than the specified number below from the bottom of the ferrous valve seat. There can be no tooling or machine marks in the head below this point. The Intersection of the machined surface of the plunge cut to the port casting shall not be altered, except that the area under the short turn radius may be de-burred, with the de-burring not to exceed 1.5 mm in width. The 90 degree bend at the bottom of the valve seat and the aluminum directly below it will be measured with a gauge and must conform to the maximum diameters and depths listed below.&rdquo;</p> <p>Additionally, recommended changes to the front suspension were approved. Rule 9.1.7.C.3.p now reads &ldquo;Inner bushing(s) on the front upper control arms may be replaced with offset bushings.&rdquo;</p> <p>&ldquo;These technical rules came after a series of meetings involving experts from Mazda, NASA, and of course, the SCCA and our Club Racing Board, and we&rsquo;ve come away from them moving truly in the same direction,&rdquo; Lisa Noble, SCCA President/CEO, said. &ldquo;Each meeting brought to light different facts, including the shortage of stock Miata heads now available, and all parties felt that this rule set is the best course of action moving forward.&rdquo;</p> <p>In addition to the technical changes, the Board also approved rule 5.11.4 to allow the Club Racing department to designate a Class Compliance Chief. The rule states: &ldquo;When assigned to an event by the head of Club Racing or his designate, the CCC works with the event technical staff to provide consistent compliance checking across all the events in designated class/es. Decisions made by the CCC regarding compliance are non-protestable.&rdquo;</p> <p>&ldquo;The intent of the Class Compliance Chief is to designate a subject matter expert, for a class such as Spec Miata, that will develop and execute a more in-depth compliance program,&rdquo; Eric Prill, SCCA Chief Operating Officer, said. &ldquo;The Spec Miata Group is developing this program, and participants will see this program in action early in 2015.&rdquo;</p> <p>A separate action eliminated the existing tow fund program for Runoffs qualifiers through the Majors qualification path. The rationale had three primary elements: A small pool of members benefitted from a program that all Majors participants were required to fund; the new Runoffs rotation allows more drivers to experience the event closer to home; and a desire to decrease per-event expenses for drivers.</p> <p>Only 172 of 517 entries in the 2014 Runoffs at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca received tow fund payments, with 2,023 drivers contributing to the fund (33 percent of attendees, but just 8.5 percent of contributors). In 2013, when 700 drivers attended the Runoffs at Road America, 279 received tow fund. That represents 40 percent of Runoffs attendees, but just less than 12 percent of contributors. The percentage of contributors to collectors has remained consistent over the past five years.</p> <p>While the traditional tow fund has been eliminated, staff is exploring alternative options for 2015.</p> <p>More information on these and other minutes from the December Board of Directors meeting will be available soon in the January 2015 FastTrack on &nbsp;</p> Club Racing Thu, 18 Dec 2014 00:00:00 GMT SCCA President Recognized by the Women's Sport Foundation Project Podium <p><strong>TOPEKA, Kan. (Dec. 16, 2014) &ndash;</strong> SCCA President and CEO Lisa Noble was awarded the 2014 Women&rsquo;s Sports Foundation Project Podium Leadership Award by Lyn St. James, the second woman to race in the Indianapolis 500, at the Race Track Business Conference held, Dec. 10, hosted by the National Speedway Directory at the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in Indianapolis.</p> <p><span style="line-height: 14px;">Leadership is described and demonstrated in so many ways,&rdquo; St. James said. &ldquo;Lisa's character, charisma, and commitment to support cultural change without disrupting the core values of sports car racing is powerful. She is the perfect person to receive this year's award.&rdquo;</span></p> <p>&ldquo;It is an honor to be recognized by the Women&rsquo;s Sports Foundation with their Project Podium Award,&rdquo; Noble said. &ldquo;As leaders in motorsport, it is our responsibility to encourage and mentor the next generation of competitors, to set the bar for them to achieve their best and to meet their personal goals. Project Podium offers that opportunity for growth through their scholarships.</p> <p>&ldquo;The award was especially meaningful to me as it was presented by one of the most ground-breaking drivers in the sport, Lyn St. James, and because it is a part of Paul Newman&rsquo;s legacy. Mr. Newman was a hero of mine as well as an SCCA legend and that ties the award back to our wonderful Club, making it something of which we can all be proud.&rdquo;</p> <p>The leadership award was established in 2008 to honor Paul Newman whose support helped St. James launch Project Podium. Past winners of the Leadership award include NASCAR President Mike Helton, USAC founder and former Indy 500 Chief Steward Tom Binford, and former Director of Ford Racing Dan Davis.</p> <p>Josten's has graciously provided the beautiful trophy presented each year.</p> <p><strong>About Lyn St. James</strong><br /> Lyn's ( passion, focus and determination made her a fierce competitor on the track where she achieved many firsts in racing. That same passion has made her an advocate for the next generation of racers and an incredible motivational speaker. As former President of the Women's Sports Foundation, she was able to establish the Women's Sport Foundation Project Podium Scholarship for women in racing and the Leadership Award to recognize outstanding leadership in the racing industry.</p> <p><strong>About Women's Sports Foundation</strong><br /> Founded in 1974 by tennis legend Billie Jean King, the Women's Sports Foundation ( is dedicated to advancing the lives of girls and women through sports and physical activity. Project Podium teamed up with the Women's Sports Foundation in 2013 under the leadership of past president, Lyn St. James.</p> <p><strong>About Race Track Business Conference</strong><br /> The annual Race Track Business Conference ( hosted by the National Speedway Directory provides a platform for industry leaders to collaborate, analyze, and conceptualize around the business of motorsports. Shared insights from all forms of racing creates dialogue and interaction in a unique intellectual environment.</p> <p><strong>SCCA</strong><br /> Founded in 1944, Sports Car Club of America, Inc. is a 40,000-member motorsports organization that incorporates all facets of autocross, rally and road racing at both club and professional levels. It annually sanctions over 2,000 events through its 115 regions and professional subsidiary. Landmark events and series for the Club include the SafeRacer SCCA National Racing Series, which includes the BFGoodrich Tires SCCA Super Tour and the U.S. Majors Tour; the Club Racing National Championship Runoffs&reg; at Road America; and The Tire Rack&reg; SCCA Solo National Championships and ProSolo Championship at Lincoln, Neb. For more information, please visit, like SCCA on Facebook at, or follow the club on Twitter @SCCAOfficial.</p> Club Racing Tue, 16 Dec 2014 00:00:00 GMT New Class of SCCA Hall of Fame Inductees Announced <p><strong>TOPEKA, Kan. (Dec. 10, 2014) &ndash;</strong> Five names will be added the Sports Car Club of America Hall of Fame, Saturday, Feb. 21, at the SCCA Hall of Fame Banquet presented by Mazda during the North American Motorsports Expo (MSX) and SCCA National Convention in Charlotte. The 2015 class is made up of Roger H. Johnson, Oscar Koveleski, Ron Sharp, Dr. George Snively and Bob Tullius.</p> <p><span style="line-height: 14px;">The accomplishments of the 2015 inductees, along with the previous Hall inductees, are the building blocks that have given the SCCA its elevated stature in the world of motorsports for more than 70 years.</span></p> <p>Johnson left his mark in the world of Solo, specifically in the area of course design. Many of the course designs seen at regional- and national-level autocross events take cues from Johnson&rsquo;s school of thought. He has used his knowledge to publish materials to help current and future designers create safer and more challenging setups for competition sites of various size.</p> <p>Johnson has also been responsible for bringing former F1 and IndyCar driver Eliseo Salazar, along with a handful of other Chilean drivers, to the Solo Nationals to compete for the last two years. He has been formally recognized for his efforts within the Club by being presented with the Spirit of the Sport Award, in 1998, and the Solo Cup, in 2003.</p> <p>Koveleski joined SCCA in 1950 and scored his first win in a Regional Club race in 1951 at Bone Stadium, in Pittston, Pa. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Koveleski raced regularly in SCCA competition. He also took part in the 12 Hours of Sebring and 24 Hours of Daytona during that time. In 1970, he won the National Championship Runoffs at Road Atlanta in A Sports Racing and was part of the Can-Am series from 1969 through 1972. Koveleski joined the board of directors for the Motor Racing Safety Society and served on the SCCA Board of Governors.</p> <p>Sharp made a name for himself on the organizational side of the sport. In 1988, an idea was hatched to have a race on the streets of Des Moines. Sharp, who was the RE of the Des Moines Valley Region at the time, was able to solve many of the logistical issues involved in putting on such a large event and brought the Des Moines Grand Prix into being in 1989. In 1994, Sharp became the Chairperson for the Runoffs as the event transitioned from Road Atlanta to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.</p> <p>As a medical professional, Dr. Snively was instrumental in the advancement of safety in motorsports. It was Snively&rsquo;s research into helmet design that helped to establish the Snell Foundation following a fatal accident involving well liked racer William &ldquo;Pete&rdquo; Snell. Since 1957, the foundation has tested helmets for everything from auto racing to skateboarding making each of these activities safer for their participants. The SCCA made the George Snively Award, originally presented by the San Francisco Region, a national award in 1988 to honor outstanding contributions to safety in motorsports.</p> <p>Tullius became known not only as a top-notch racecar driver in his own right, but also for raising the bar of professionalism in racing from the 1960s to the 1980s. He and his team, Group 44, Inc., raced at both the amateur and professional levels within the SCCA. As a driver, he was a four-time National Champion in three different classes. His Group 44 team was responsible for 21 Trans-Am race wins, more than 300 club racing wins and 14 SCCA National Championship titles. He forged long-term relationships with many companies that supported his racing efforts through sponsorship.</p> <p>Johnson, Koveleski, Sharp, Snively and Tullius will join ten previous classes in the SCCA Hall of Fame:</p> <p>2005: Cameron Argetsinger, A. Tracy Bird, John Fitch, Arthur Gervais, Harry Handley, Vern Jaques, Bill Milliken, Sue Roethel, Art Trier, Rob Walker<br /> 2006: John Bornholdt, John Buffum, Mark Donohue, Denise McCluggage, Grant Reynolds<br /> 2007: Marge Binks, Marc Gerstein, Carl A. Haas, General Curtis E. LeMay, Theodore F. Robertson<br /> 2008: Roger E. Johnson, Don and Ruth Nixon, Kjell Qvale, Robert Ridges, Fred Schmucker<br /> 2009: Bill Chambres, Bill Johnson, Jim Kimberly, Paul Newman, John Timanus<br /> 2010: Nick Craw, Briggs Cunningham, R. David Jones, Burdette &ldquo;Berdie&rdquo; Martin, Wayne Zitkus<br /> 2011: Karen Babb, John Bishop, Jim Fitzgerald, Tracer Racing, Harro Zitza<br /> 2012: Charlie Earwood, Jim Hall, Gene Henderson, Dr. Peter Talbot, Bryan Webb<br /> 2013: Skip Barber, Bill Noble, Bobby Rahal, Carroll Shelby, Andy Porterfield<br /> 2014: Kathy Barnes, Robert &ldquo;Bob&rdquo; Bondurant, Dan Gurney, Dr. Robert &ldquo;Bob&rdquo; Hubbard and Jim Downing, Pete Hylton</p> <p>The SCCA National Hall of Fame was created in 2004 to preserve, protect and record the history and accomplishments of the Club by acknowledging those members who have made a significant impact on the development of SCCA, be it through service to the national organization, achievements in national competition, bringing national recognition to SCCA, or a combination of these factors. Nominations were submitted to, and reviewed by, the Hall of Fame Nomination and Selection Committees before the inductees were selected.</p> <p>The 2015 SCCA Hall of Fame class will be inducted on Saturday, February 21, and is included in the price of the SCCA Convention attendance. Information on MSX and the concurrent SCCA National Convention, including registration, is available at</p> <p>More information on the Sports Car Club of America, including the SCCA Hall of Fame is available at</p> <p>Follow SCCA on Twitter @SCCAOfficial, and like the Club on Facebook at</p> <p>-30-</p> Club Racing Wed, 10 Dec 2014 00:00:00 GMT SCCA Top Brass to Speak at Race Track Business Conference in Indianapolis <p><strong>TOPEKA, Kan. (Dec. 8, 2014) &ndash;</strong> Three key players in the Sports Car Club of America organization will speak as part of the 2014 Race Track Business Conference, slated for Wednesday, Dec. 10, in Indianapolis. SCCA President/CEO Lisa Noble, SCCA Pro Racing President Robert Clarke and SCCA COO Eric Prill will be among the panelists at the motorsports industry event.</p> <p><span style="line-height: 14px;">Noble will join a conversation on the issues facing sanctioning bodies of motorsports-related activities. Topics from the panel include rule making, meeting the expectations of various stakeholders and the proper number of events to schedule.</span></p> <p>&ldquo;The RTBC forum is a great opportunity to discuss current issues with the other experts in the field. Noble said. &ldquo;From a larger industry perspective, it is vital to understand the importance of driver development ladders since our competitors are utilizing a broader base of competition programs and organizations rather than a single sanctioning body. I look forward to sharing the SCCA&rsquo;s perspective on event management along with balancing member and participant needs with that of our Regions and national organization.&rdquo;</p> <p>Clarke will help guide a discussion on industry growth. Key points in this session will include how to move forward, staying relevant, the economics of &lsquo;going green,&rsquo; diversity and cost management at all levels of the sport.</p> <p>&ldquo;The future growth and prosperity of the motorsport industry is of key importance to all of us who hold a passion for the sport and enjoy earning our livings in it,&rdquo; Clarke said. &ldquo;Looking at the key indicators of event attendance, TV viewership and number of entrants, motorsport overall is in decline. Collectively, all sanctioning groups, promoters, teams, suppliers, sponsors - all who hold a vested interest in the business - must work together to make our product (racing) more compelling and appealing to a broader segment of today&rsquo;s society while providing greater value to manufacturers and sponsors. Now is the time!&rdquo;</p> <p>Prill joins the show on a sponsorship panel. Prill has first-hand experience in session&rsquo;s issues, including the overall role sponsorship plays in the industry. The forum will also cover doing more with less, sponsorship placement and return on investment.</p> <p>&ldquo;Whether you&rsquo;re a track owner, sanctioning body, promoter, team or driver, you&rsquo;re always looking for partners to help your program,&rdquo; Prill said. &ldquo;It&rsquo;s a pleasure to share the panel with some of the best partnership development minds in the business, and I&rsquo;m sure that it will be beneficial for anyone attending.&rdquo;</p> <p>The annual Race Track Business Conference brings leaders in the motorsports industry together to collaborate, analyze and conceptualize issues within this specialized business sector. Insights from those that have experience in all forms of racing creates dialogue and interaction in an unique, intellectual environment.</p> <p>The conference begins at 8:00 a.m., Wednesday, Dec. 10, and ends at 5:30 p.m. Additional information on the RTBC, including a detailed schedule of sessions and information regarding registration, can be found at</p> <p>Like SCCA on Facebook at and follow the Club on Twitter @SCCAOfficial.</p> Club Racing Mon, 08 Dec 2014 00:00:00 GMT Ad-hoc Committees for Prototype Classes Dissolved <p><strong>Topeka, Kan. (Dec. 1, 2014) -</strong> In June 2012, the formation of two ad-hoc committees to develop the rules for what has become Prototype 1 and Prototype 2 was announced. At that time, the commitment was made for the duration of the committees to last no longer than two years. Now, the time has come to dissolve the P1 and P2 ad-hoc committees. The ongoing rules process is being turned over to the Formula Sport Racing Advisory Committee to include in their normal activities.</p> <p><span style="line-height: 14px;">The Club Racing Board would like to thank the members of both the ad-hoc committees for their dedication and hard work in bringing the two new classes, P1 and P2, to reality with a successful crowning of their first National Champions at this year&rsquo;s National Championship Runoffs at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.</span></p> <p>As always, members interested in participating on the FSRAC should submit a resume through the CRB letter system.</p> <p><strong><u>P1 Ad-Hoc Members</u></strong><br /> David Locke<br /> Jim Downing<br /> Garrett Kletjian<br /> Matt Graham<br /> Brian Willis<br /> <br /> <u><strong>P2 Ad-Hoc Members</strong></u><br /> David Ferguson<br /> Marc Walker<br /> Jay Messenger<br /> Jay Novak<br /> Bart Wolf<br /> Vaughan Scott<br /> Jim Rawson<br /> Mike Alfred</p> Club Racing Mon, 01 Dec 2014 00:00:00 GMT 2014 SCCA National Championship Runoffs Available on DVD <p><strong>TOPEKA, Kan. (Nov. 24, 2014) &ndash;</strong> Sports Car Club of America announced the sale of DVD recordings of the 2014 SCCA National Championship Runoffs&reg; from Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Each of the 24 races of the 51st edition of the event are available for purchase on an eight-disk DVD set available in time for the holidays.</p> <p><span style="line-height: 14px;">The entire set, which recounts the fight for a National Championship title in 27 classes, is $42.95 for Club members, and $47.95 for non-members.</span></p> <p>&ldquo;The change in venue has created a new demand for a collection of DVDs such as this,&rdquo; SCCA Vice President of Marketing and Communications Eric Prill said. &ldquo;We&rsquo;re pleased to bring this product back for our members and fans, alike.&rdquo;</p> <p>2014 Runoffs DVDs may be selected by visiting Orders placed before December 15th will arrive before Christmas.</p> <p>Like the Club on Facebook, at, and follow us on Twitter, @SCCAOfficial.&nbsp;</p> Club Racing Mon, 24 Nov 2014 00:00:00 GMT SCCA Unveils New-Look Convention, MSX Schedule and Pricing <p><strong>TOPEKA, Kan. (Nov. 20, 2014) &ndash;</strong> The Sports Car Club of America National Convention, running in conjunction with MSX - North American MotorSports Expo February 20-21 at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, N.C., unveiled a new look schedule and lower pricing for the 2015 event.</p> <p><span style="line-height: 14px;">The weekend opens with the SCCA Annual Meeting on Friday, February 20 and wraps with the traditional SCCA Hall of Fame Banquet and Award Celebration presented by Mazda. The time frame allows overlap for the MSX Expo floor, where more than 60 vendors greeted 1500-plus visitors in the inaugural event. Organizers project doubling the number of vendors and attendees for 2015.</span></p> <p><strong>About The Schedule</strong></p> <p>The 2015 convention schedule is filled with new sessions on growing leaders, growing participation and becoming more effective in any member&rsquo;s home Region &ndash; no matter the role they fill.</p> <p>Convention sessions include a glimpse into the present and future of SCCA&rsquo;s Solo, Club Racing and rally programs during a series of &ldquo;2020&rdquo; sessions. &ldquo;Playing In Your Sweet Spot: a session on working within your strengths at the local level, dealing with difficult people, defining leadership and why you want to be involved&rdquo; and &ldquo;Seeds For Growth: a regional racing focus in an interactive, data driven session open to Region and program leaders and participants&rdquo; are expected to be two of the highest attended sessions of the weekend.</p> <p>Additionally, the weekend features leadership sessions geared to Region Executives, event hosts, and new tools and programs available. Each of the SCCA programs will provide opportunities to ask questions and engage with the Club&rsquo;s leadership.</p> <p>While the Convention is happening, participants can also explore the MSX Expo show floor. Included in the Convention are two sessions that cross over for both Convention attendees and MSX Conference goers on the Expo floor, each featuring SCCA Champion drivers. Randy Pobst will speak on Friday to &ldquo;Fear on the Track: When it Hurts and When it Helps,&rdquo; while Elliott Forbes-Robinson will deliver the keynote address on Saturday.</p> <p>The MSX Conference tracks remain geared for all amateur motorsports competitors including SCCA&rsquo;s road racing, autocross and rally programs, as well as karters looking to get a leg up on the competition. Started in 2014, the MSX Conference has sessions in every aspect of competition, from tires and shocks to taxes and marketing.</p> <p>To augment the revamped Convention schedule, a traveling program scheduled to visit Divisional Conventions held around the country, bringing key messages and exercises to even more members than before has been added. The program opened at the Northeast Division Convention in November, and continues through the first of the year at the SCCA&rsquo;s additional eight Divisions.</p> <p><strong>About The Pricing</strong></p> <p>New price packages for the 2015 SCCA National Convention are also in effect, with an early-bird discount for entrants prior to December 1. The &ldquo;premium ticket,&rdquo; which includes all aspects of the SCCA Convention and the MSX Expo show floor, has been reduced by $100 from the 2014 show. In addition, a VIP ticket has been created offering the attendee access to the full MSX conference as well as other perks.</p> <p>The full SCCA Convention schedule, registration information, pricing and links to special rates at the Hilton Charlotte City Center are available <a href="">here</a>. &nbsp;</p> Club Racing Thu, 20 Nov 2014 00:00:00 GMT Solo Triad Winners and Majors Champions Profiles Online <p><strong>TOPEKA, Kan. (Nov. 14, 2014) &ndash;</strong> Individual profiles for each of the SCCA U.S. Majors Tour Conference Champions and Solo Triad Award winners have been posted on, for the reading pleasure of friends, families, supporters and fellow competitors.</p> <p><span style="line-height: 14px;">These profiles are aimed at giving the reader an &lsquo;inside the helmet&rsquo; perspective of how each of these Champions earned their titles. Amateur motorsports certainly does not happen inside a vacuum, and these stories highlight the season-long battle on and off the track.</span></p> <p>While these stories honor our Champions for their on-track achievements, each story illustrates not only the dedication and passion for racing and competition but also the support from family and friends that was afforded to each member.</p> <p>Profiles and photos of the 108 Majors Champions in 2014 can be found <a href=";cid=52020">here</a>.</p> <p>Profiles and photos of the six Solo Triad award winners can be seen <a href="">here</a>.</p> <p>This is an ongoing project that requires the help of our members to help us make sure this information is correct. Featured drivers who wish to add or make corrections to their personalized profile should email Chris Berg, SCCA PR Coordinator, at</p> Club Racing Fri, 14 Nov 2014 00:00:00 GMT Kansas Speedway Added To SCCA Majors Mid-States Schedule <p><strong>TOPEKA, Kan. (November 7, 2014) &ndash;</strong> The road course at Kansas Speedway was announced today as an addition to the Sports Car Club of America&rsquo;s U.S. Majors Tour Mid-States calendar, leaving just one open hole remaining in the 2015 schedule. The doubleheader weekend will be June 20-21, 2015.</p> <p><span style="line-height: 14px;">The 2.37-mile road course was opened in 2012 and incorporates an infield section and the progressive banking of the oval.</span></p> <p>&ldquo;The addition of Kansas Speedway to the 2015 Mid-States schedule is a welcome one in the build up to the SCCA National Championship Runoffs at Daytona,&rdquo; Lisa Noble, SCCA President/CEO, said. &ldquo;This event gives Mid-States drivers that plan to race for a National Championship at the end of the season an opportunity to run on high-speed banking within their home Conference.&rdquo;</p> <p>One additional event, anticipated to come from within the Southwest Division, will be added to the 2015 Mid-States schedule.</p> <p><strong>2015 SCCA U.S. Majors Tour Mid-States Schedule</strong><br /> March 7-8 &ndash; NOLA Motorsports Park, Avondale, La. (With Southeast)<br /> April 11-12 - Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, Jennings, Okla.<br /> June 20-21 &ndash; Kansas Speedway, Kansas City, Kan. <br /> July 4-5 - High Plains Raceway, Byers, Colo.<br /> July 25-26 &ndash; Pueblo Motorsports Park, Pueblo, Colo.<br /> TBA - One additional event will be added&nbsp;</p> Club Racing Fri, 07 Nov 2014 00:00:00 GMT Nomination Due Date for SCCA Member of Excellence Approaching <p><strong>TOPEKA, Kan. (Nov. 6, 2014) &ndash;</strong> The nomination deadline for the Sports Car Club of America Member of Excellence award is slated for November 28. The honor will be presented to the winner at the 2015 SCCA National Convention, in Charlotte, North Carolina, in front of the winner&rsquo;s fellow Club members at the SCCA Hall of Fame Banquet presented by Mazda. Aside from the recognition, the recipient will be given the opportunity to attend any motorsport event of their choosing, anywhere in the world.</p> <p><span style="line-height: 14px;">The award, selected by the SCCA Board of Directors, is given to a member who provided a great contribution to the Club during the previous 12 months, regardless of competition area. Below are the official criteria:</span></p> <p>&ldquo;[The award is presented to] the volunteer who shows the greatest commitment to SCCA Motor Sports activities. The recipient can be involved in Solo, Rally and/or Club Racing. This person should personify the SCCA volunteer who gives of his/her time and effort to helping organize, work in a specialty or any volunteer role necessary to a motor sports event. The award is a trip to any motor sports event anywhere with any sanctioning body. The recipient must meet the following criteria and the other obligations and conditions stated below:</p> <p>&ldquo;The member must have rendered long term service working SCCA events or activities for a five year minimum.</p> <p>&ldquo;Recipient cannot be a paid SCCA staff member, current Board of Directors member or any member who is a paid consultant to SCCA.&rdquo;</p> <p>The winner of this year&rsquo;s award will join Jerry Cabe (2013), Mary Shiloff (2012), Arnie Coleman (2011), Marina Kraft (2010), Dave Deborde (2009) and Carol Cohn (2008) as previous recipients.</p> <p>The trip is funded by a 20-year private endowment by an anonymous SCCA member.</p> <p>Nominations should be submitted to Nominations must be received by close of business November 28, 2014, for consideration.</p> Club Racing Thu, 06 Nov 2014 00:00:00 GMT