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The 2015 SCCA®  RallyCross Rules are available on-line by the SCCA® to our members, entrants, volunteers, and anyone interested in learning more about the regulations governing SCCA® RallyCross Competition. 

The 2015 SCCA® RallyCross Rules are available in Adobe® Acrobat® format. With the free Adobe® Reader software, users on any computing platform can navigate, scale, zoom-in, and print PDF files directly within their web browsers.

RallyCross Rulebook

2015 RallyCross Rulebook

Class Eligibility Disclosure Form

Submission period for RallyCross Rules for the 2016 season ends June 15. If you have any ideas, get them in before the deadline. Submit requests

Lightning Safety Plan  Safety Stewards Information.pdf 

RallyCross Member Advisories


The new Snell rating for 2015 is not projected to be released until later on in the year. The RallyCross rules 6.3.P states that the current and two previous standards are allowed. Since a new standard is being released midyear the RXB will allow Snell rated 2000 helmets through the year 2015 and re-evaluate prior to the 2016 season.
RXB competitor bulletin for Modified Allowances- click link


New Rally Tire Option- click link



no unmanned aircraft will be allowed at any SCCA sanctioned RX events. This includes regional, divisional and the RXNC events.