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Dave Head navigates one of the roads that makes up one of the Arizona Border Region rallies. Dave Head navigates one of the roads that makes up one of the Arizona Border Region rallies. View Full Size

Courtesy of David P. Head

The Sports Car Club of America’s Road Rally Office is pleased to announce the results of the 2013 SCCA Road Rally National Championship season-ending stadings.

In the National Course Rally Championship, a four-way tie for the title in the Master class, with 100 points, was shared among Bruce Gezon, Steve Gaddy, Mark Haas, and Jim Wakeman, Sr. No one qualified with more than 50 points in Expert grouping, as Richard Wetzel was the highest scoring competitor with 48. In Sportsman class, Craig Bedelman took first, with 84 points, while co-driver Wendy Harrison took second, with 80 points.

In the National Tour Rally Championship, Mark Haas and Jim Wakeman, Sr. were tied for first with 100 points while Bob Moreseburg and Dave Head were tied for second with 96 points in the Master class. In Expert, Bob DeMeritt won with 96 points while his wife, Marianne Demeritt was, second with 88. Trophies for this large class extended down to fourth place, as Gary Patrick (70 points) took third and Daniel Harkcom claimed the final trophy position with 52 points. In the Sportsman class, Jay Nemeth-Johannes took home the title with 90 points, while second place did not qualify for a trophy because of the 50 point rule.

In the National GTA Rally Championship, the Master class was won by Bruce Gezon, with 60 points. In the Expert class, Ted Drummond took first place with 61.7 points, while Wendy Harrison took second after scoring 59.4 points. In Sportsman, Cameron Hull was the winner with 58 points.

SCCA congratulates the winners and apologizes for the lateness of these results. SCCA wishes to thank retiring points keeper Bruce Gezon for eight years of service. Additionally, the organization would like to recognize the new points keeping committee of Chuck Hanson, Bob DeMeritt, Clyde Heckler, Gary Patrick, and Jay-Johannes for taking up the challenge of this difficult job.


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