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RallyCross Rules Approved by the BOD for 2009


The method of scoring Regional Rallycross events (all runs, dropping one or more runs, fastest run only, etc.) shall be posted and available to all competitors. Additionally, this information must be included in the supplementary regulations submitted with the sanction application (Article 5.6). National and Divisional RallyCross events must use a cumulative scoring method with no dropped runs.

Stock Category

Tires must be the original size plus/minus 20mm cross section and 5% aspect ratio. (For example, a car that came equipped with a 205/55/16 can run cross section from 185 to 225 and aspect ratio from 50 to 60. This also eliminates the tread gap rule.)

Shocks/dampers may be replaced with OEM or aftermarket replacement units intended for the specific year make and model used. The stock spring must be used as it was on the OEM unit. The spring perch must be factory welded to the damper or use the exact attachment method and position as OEM. Adjustable dampers are only allowed if the OEM unit was adjustable and must retain the same number of adjustments or fewer as OEM. Remote reservoir shocks are only allowed if they are exact OEM units. (The change is adding “and position” to the third sentence.)

The front sway bar may be replaced or removed. A replacement front sway bar may serve no other purpose than originally intended by the vehicle manufacturer. In the case where the front sway bar is also a suspension locating link, stock geometry and methods of attachment must be maintained.

Prepared Category

Delete 6.2.D.4.d in it’s entirety. (This allows prepared category vehicles to remove exhaust catalysts.)

6.2.D.14 On carburetor equipped cars, jets, accelerator pumps, power valves, metering rods, vacuum secondary and metering springs may be replaced. Removal of choke plates, linkage and shafts is allowed. No machining allowed of any carb component.

6.2.D.15 Vehicles may substitute one differential with a mechanically governed limited slip or locking unit of an alternate type. This includes spools and welded stock differentials. This does not allow the use of a differential with external controls (electronic or otherwise) to regulate slip or locking. Differentials must be contained in a stock unmodified housing/third member with stock or optional ring and pinion ratios available for the specific model, body, and year of the vehicle only. 4wd vehicles may not substitute more than one differential with an alternate type.

6.2.D.16 Batteries may be substituted with any type. Relocation of the battery or batteries within the engine compartment or trunk area/luggage compartment behind the rearmost seats is permitted. Longer battery cables may be substituted to permit relocation and holes may be drilled to accommodate mounting of the battery and cables.

Accessory drive pulleys and belts may be replaced.

Modified Category

6.2.E.6 Side and rear windows may be removed or replaced with Lexan or equivalent. Windshield may be replaced with Lexan or equivalent with addition of a full roll cage built to SCCA Improved Touring specifications or better.

6.2.E.10 The shape of the body must remain recognizable as that of the manufacturer’s make and model. The body must be made of a fire resistant material. Doors, hoods, trunk lids, sunroofs, hatchbacks, etc. need not function as originally designed. Bumpers, grilles, lights, glass, and trim may be removed. Side mirrors and tail/stop lights are not required. Any edges created by these modifications that the driver or passenger may contact must be properly insulated to prevent injury. Roof panels must be metal of at least the same thickness as original. Sunroof panels may be replaced with sheet metal of at least the same thickness as an original roof skin without sunroof. Inner roof structure may only be modified with addition of a full roll cage built to SCCA Improved Touring specifications or better.

6.2.E.14 Any fuel system may be used provided gasoline or diesel fuel is used. Any NON-STOCK fuel cell, filter or pump located in the passenger compartment must be shielded by a metal bulkhead. Any fuel lines running through the passenger compartment must be of metal or metal braided construction. Changes NOT recommended at this time. 


6.2.C.13 Allow double adjustable dampers. Not recommended based on cost and class philosophy

6.2.C.15 Paint is free. Graphics may be added. Not recommended as this is already covered by 6.2.C.5.


6.2.D.14 Fasteners are free. Not recommended as this is covered by 6.2.B.

Rally Technical Bulletins

Effective 1-13-09

6.2.D.4.c is deleted from the 2009 SCCA RallyCross Rulebook.

An error was made in the editing of the 2009 RallyCross Rulebook.

6.2.D.4.c was intended to be deleted from the 2009 Rulebook. This eliminates the requirement for a functioning catalyst in the Prepared category. This change was presented and passed by the SCCA Board Of Directors for the 2009 season.