SCCA Time Trials

For information on the 2018 Time Trials Nationals - Click here

"What's your fastest lap?"

It's a question that echos throughout tracks across the country, the words laced with the unspoken question, "are you faster than I am?" 

For those who like the thought of being compared to others to see who can turn the fastest lap and want to add the pressure of competition to their track experience without the distraction or investment of racing wheel-to-wheel - SCCA Time Trials might be what you're looking for. 

Drivers will need to have a Time Trials license, which can either be earned from moving up through the Track Event process, or proving experience from other series or sanctioning bodies. 

Cars are divided up into classes based on performance ability or modifications, and competition formats may range from sessions which give you a specific amount of time to turn a good lap, or events where drivers compete on a small portion of a track in a short-burst "get it right, right now" style of competition. 

There are two levels to the Time Trials program and depending on what facility the event is at these levels may require more experience and more safety equipment than entry-level Time Trials. Please check out the rules page for more information.