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TOPEKA, Kan. (Dec. 7, 2012) -- In an effort to strengthen the GT2 class, the SCCA Club Racing Board announced the classification of Trans-Am Series Class 2 cars as well as many former Super Touring® Over cars.

To accomplish this, the current GT-2 spec lines have been revised for 2013. These changes came after more than a year of study by the GT Advisory Committee and by an ad hoc group of GT drivers, builders and car owners.

The new spec lines include revised weights and restrictors for existing GT-2 cars.

Ex-STO cars may be prepared to the 2012 STO rules, with the exception that tires are free in GT-2 within the STO wheel sizes. Specifications for these cars are now included in the race memo and may vary from 2012 STO specifications.

Trans-Am 2 cars may run in GT2 under TA2 rules and published spec lines, with the exception that tires are free in GT-2 within the TA2 wheel sizes. Regional GTA class cars may run in GT-2, but must make the changes necessary to comply with the TA2 rules.

The CRB apologizes for the late notice of the change, but the opportunity to embrace these cars became available as a result of a cascading set of rule changes from the Touring reclassification that was just completed.

Please go to to view the race memo that will include the new spec lines for all the GT-2 cars. The memo is available directly here:



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