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DENVER Colo. (Oct. 11, 2009) - Day two of the RallyCross National Championships saw worse weather with sleet and freezing rain pelting the competitors most of the day. The sixty nine competitors were undaunted though as they walked the larger, combined course for their last shot at a 2009 title.

Stock Front category saw Timothy Hardy (Ford Escort GT) in the lead from yesterday followed by Matthew Dahn (Nissan Sentra SE-R) and nothing changed on Sunday with Hardy keeping his lead throughout the day. As a matter of fact, the top five drivers maintained their positions with no changes happening in the trophy spots. Donald Hardy (Ford Escort GT) and Michael Eckert (Nisson Sentra SE-R) rounded out the trophy positions.

Stock Rear had a big shakeup with yesterdays leader, Greg McMahon (Toyota MR2) falling to fourth position and Michael Byington (Mazda RX-7) rocketing from the third place spot up to the top to take the win and his second RallyCross National Championship. William MacDonald (Volvo 750 Wagon) managed to snake his rather large vehicle through the course much to the surprise of both spectators and his own class to keep the second place trophy.

Stock All action was a real nail biter throughout the day. Leader Robert Johnson (Mitsubishi Evo VIII) maintained his first place spot but the rest of the class tried their best to take it away from him. Jason Miller (Subaru Legacy GT) ran over six seconds faster Sunday, and Peter Zlamany (Diamond Star Motors Taser XL) ran over eight seconds faster. Johnson's lead from Saturday held for his second RallyCross National Championship, but not by much. The difference between first and third when it was all over was a little over six tenths of a second after thirteen runs.

Prepared Front saw some position swapping with the leader yesterday, Ryan Haenny (Chevrolet Beretta) dropping from first to second to take the last trophy spot, and Bret Hunter (Honda CRX-SI) moving up from third to take the championship.

Prepared Rear apparently like the status quo with leader Jerred Burnard (Toyota MR2) keeping his lead over Mark Atterbury (Alfa Romeo GTV 6).

Prepared All didn't see much change with the top two in class, with Max Johnson (Subaru WRX) and Ryan Gates (Subaru WRX) keeping their positions nice and secure. The big change happened with third place Bill Martin (Mitsubishi EVO) having serious cone troubles that plunged him to ninth overall. The class rounded out with Brian Francis (Subaru STI) and Michael Bond (Subaru STI) taking the rest of the trophies.

Modified 2WD keep the top three trophies intact on Sunday with Chad Ones (Isuzu I-Mark Spec SFRC) keeping his lead from Saturday over brother Cole Ones in the same car. Third place stayed with Kent Hamilton (Honda Civic) who probably took the long distance travel award coming in from Arctic Alaska Region for the event.

The big class, Modified 4WD, almost had a shakeup, but Chris O'Driscoll (Subaru WRX) maintained his lead over event chairman Kenneth Cashion (Mitsubishi EVO IX RS) even though Cashion turned faster times on Sunday. As a matter of fact, all the other trophy winners in the class turned faster combined times on Sunday than O'Driscoll, but his lead from Saturday kept him in the top spot. Warren Elliott (Mitsubishi EVO RS) and Todd Hart (Subaru Impreza WRX Sti) claimed the remaining trophies.

"I can't thank the Colorado Region enough for its hard work. The welcome party, lunches and dinner on Saturday night were outstanding. Everyone had a great time, whether it was competing on course or socializing afterwards."

Full results are available on the RallyCross National Championship event page. Information regarding the 2010 SCCA RallyCross season will be announced as soon as available.


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