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The new rule book is here!  The SCCA Board of Directors (BOD) approved the updated RallyCross rules at its December 2013 meeting.  The RallyCross rule-making process is member-driven, beginning with proposed changes submitted by members during the first half of the year, followed by a member comment period, and then the RallyCross Board (RXB) reviews the proposed changes and makes a recommendation to the SCCA BOD for final approval.  The 2014 rules include a few modest changes summarized below.   The updated rules are effective January 1, 2014, and the complete rule book is available under the “Cars and Rules” tab on the SCCA RallyCross web page at
Here are the key rule changes for 2014:
1.       Added the requirement that the entire RallyCross rulebook and supplemental regulations are mandatory for any event in which RallyCross National Contingencies will be paid.  This change is intended to provide a consistent rule set for any events that receive national contingency support.  Regional events without national contingencies may continue to allow variances from some rules.  Section 4.2.
2.       Allow drivers with learner’s permits to compete in rallycross events with an approved passenger.  Previously, only licensed drivers were allowed to compete.  Section 5.2.B.
3.       Allow passengers at Regional and Divisional events if the Region or Division so chooses.  Passengers are still not allowed during competition runs at National events.  Section 5.2.C.
4.       Allow studded tires in Stock classes at Regional and Divisional events any time, even if snow or ice is not present.  This will allow novices who show up for their first event with snow tires to compete.  Studs are still only allowed at National events if snow or ice is present.  Section 6.2.C.2.
5.       Clarify that replacement shocks/dampers in Stock classes must be unmodified and may be rebuilt to original specifications.  Re-valving is not permitted.  Section 6.2.C.13.
6.       Allow any type of battery (e.g. lead-acid, lithium-ion, absorbed glass mat, gel cell, etc.) in Stock classes.  Battery group size and location must remain as originally equipped.  Section 6.2.C.16.
7.       Clarify the types of non-metallic bushings that may be replaced in Rally Prepared classes.  Section 6.2.D.12.
8.       Clarify that cameras and cell phones are considered hand-held items and not allowed during competition runs.  This change was implemented mid-2013 and makes it clear that passengers are not allowed to take photos/videos with hand-held cameras during runs.  Cameras or video recorders on fixed mounts are still allowed.  Section 6.3.A.
9.       Allow alternate steering wheels in Rally Prepared classes if the vehicle was not originally equipped with an airbag.  Note that this change is limited to vehicles that did not have OEM airbag wheels.  There is still an ongoing safety debate as to whether Rally Prepared vehicles originally equipped with airbag wheels should be required to retain an airbag since most Rally Prepared cars are driven on the street.  Section 6.2.D.23.
10.   Add language that requires all drivers and passengers to wear helmets during competition runs.  Surprisingly, the rules required that occupants must HAVE helmets but did not specifically state that they had to WEAR helmets.  Section 6.3.P.
11.   Clarifies that Safety Steward licenses are valid for three years, explains the license renewal process and provides details on the process for suspending a license.  See RallyCross Safety Steward Training Program Section 4 & 5.
Other changes that were submitted for consideration as part of the 2014 rules package but not approved included a proposal to allow alternate wheels by the same manufacturer in Stock and a proposal to allow alternate radiators and the addition of engine/transmission/differential oil coolers in Stock.
Do you have any suggestions for future rule changes?  The RXB welcomes your feedback on current rules and proposals for future rule changes.  The member rule change submission period runs from January 1 to June 15 each year, so be sure to submit your comments and proposed changes to or via the SCCA Forums link.


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